Aramis to introduce Modern Leather

17th August, 2017

Aramis are to introduce new fragrance, Modern Leather, which is described as “a new twist on a true classic for the modern Aramis man.”

Aramis Modern Leather is inspired by the key notes of Aramis Classic. The new interpretation on the classic leather base includes top notes of Basil and Thyme; Geranium and patchouli provide the heart; and Leather and Oak Moss finish off the fragrance in the base.

Aramis Modern Leather is packaged in clear glass bottle, showcasing the amber-colored fragrance.

Modern Leather will be available from September.

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      • | 17th August 2017 18:01

        Am trembling with anticipation... and dread.

        But Lauder's done a pretty fair job of maintaining their stable. Maybe they won't screw this up.

      • cacio | 17th August 2017 18:51

        Mmm. My feeling is that modern leather means defanged, with herbs and geranium instead of the leather-musk of the original. Apart from the unrelated Aramis 900 (which was Aromatics Elixir in disguise), I don't recall a worthy Aramis flanker.


      • hednic | 17th August 2017 19:21

        I am willing to try anything by this house as long as it's not like the original

      • | 17th August 2017 21:54

        hednic, I always eagerly scan any Aramis thread in hopes of one of those rare sightings -- a negative comment from you. And it always reminds of one of my favorite BN review lines, from Bo Darville:

        "Interestingly enough, I do recall reading that U.S.-based airlines were secretly hedging jet fuel costs by stockpiling tankers of Aramis...but you didn't hear that from me."

      • rum | 18th August 2017 09:44

        Hahaha - oh I laughed very loudly!!

      • rum | 18th August 2017 09:47

        Well I for one get along very well with my vintage bottles and think they are easy to find still and worthy of a lot more attention than they deserve. A wonderful scent that really can't be replaced.

      • bwjackson | 22nd August 2017 21:57

        I'm a huge fan of the original Aramis, as well as all the gentleman's collection fragrances. This will be a blind buy for me as soon as I see it for sale. Looking forward to trying it, although I assume it'll be more of a cool weather scent.

      • Derbyman | 6th September 2017 23:53

        Let's hope Modern Leather is to Aramis what Modern Reserve is to Ralph Lauren Polo.