Large Gaultier perfume collection up for auction

29th August, 2017

A Jean Paul Gaultier perfume collection comprising over 5,000 items including all the official bottles, counter displays, merchandise plus uncirculated prototypes will go under the hammer at Special Auction Services in Newbury on Tuesday 5 September.

The collection worth over £7,000 was amassed by the vendor’s late mother and was started 15 years ago when she spotted the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique bottle at an airport Duty Free and made the connection to Madonna's cone bra, which she loved as a teenager in the 80s.

The vendor says, “Initially mum intended on wearing the perfume but she never did. On researching the brand, she discovered just how many different designs had been brought out and she became hooked on collecting them all. Growing up in Belgium and being fluent in French made it significantly easier for her to obtain bottles from European collectors and trade shows.

Anytime friends or family went on holiday, we looked out for the new season’s collection and she also was an avid Ebay-er and made most of her purchases online. It started out with just the bottles, and then the displays to match. Over the years, one cupboard became one room, which in turn became one floor of the house!”

Highlights include a large collection of Jean Paul Gaultier miniatures (estimate £150-250); nine unopened limited edition perfumes, including five 100ml bottles titled Charm, Gold, Automne-Hiver, Rock Star and a glittered Classique example together with four 75ml including two Curvaceous Corsets in orange and a rechargeable natural spray (estimate £150-200); and a set of shop displays for the purse and pocket sprays, a bath range with bottles, soaps and creams, a cantilevered Couture Box with spray and soap as well as other items (estimate £100-150).

Jessica Forrester, Expert at Special Auction Services says, “It is fantastic to see such a varied range of such an iconic brand. The fabulous shapes and designs have a huge appeal and very much reflect the Collector’s love of fashion, architecture and photography.”

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      • hednic | 29th August 2017 13:15

        Hopefully some lucky person who enjoys this designer will snatch this collection up.

      • Suspended | 29th August 2017 13:54

        That looks like a lot of dusting.

        A 5000 piece collection for 7000 seems like a poor return (less than 1.50 an item.)

      • leonardpayne | 3rd September 2017 15:33

        Buy it

        Hold a special exhibition

        $20 admission and you get to sniff the lot


      • | 3rd September 2017 16:27

        A post-20th Century version of Avon collectibles.

        1.50 per piece sounds about right.

      • Suspended | 3rd September 2017 21:10

        Now I know why you have a cat as your avatar...meow! :P

      • Suspended | 3rd September 2017 21:11

        I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that and politely request that you never say it again.