Juliette Has a Gun adds Metal Chypre and Sunny Side Up to range

29th August, 2017

Romano Ricci’s Juliette Has a Gun is adding two new fragrances to its range. Metal Chypré is to join the Luxury Collection and Sunny Side Up joins the regular collection.

Metal Chypre
Metal Chypré features top notes of bergamot and pink berry; heart notes of iris, patchouli essence, suede and extreme amber; the base contains notes of ambroxan, white musk and tonka bean absolute.

The scent was inspired by copper, which shares an etymology with Cyprus — Cyprus is also the inspiration for the fragrance family Chypre.

Ricci says, “Like a good alchemist, I strived to reproduce the scent of copper, surging forth, cool, metallic and resolutely modern. The result is a dry, ambery and leathery composition. Almost as if the copper was fusing with the chypre olfactive theme to give rise to a brand new alloy. An educated perfume for experienced connoisseur. ”

Metal Chypré will be available from October 2017 as €240 for 75ml.

Sunny Side Up
Sunny Side Up is designed to recall those moments of freedom, insouciance and letting go. “Those warm balmy days when the sun never seems to set and time is suspended. That state of bliss when all the senses are awakened. An incandescent Juliette lays down her weapons to reveal all of her charms.”

The promotional campaign features illustrations by Jamie Cullen, which mixes innocent details with erotic and cheeky symbols: like the fried eggs, sunny-side up, that take the place of the sun and bosoms.

Amyris Sandalwood and lactones as top notes are extended on a Sandalwood Cream Accord as the heart note, which also contains Iris Butter absolute and Sambac Jasmine. Ambrette and Vanilla Absolute feature as the base.

Ricci says “The idea was to propose something that inspires happy and positive feelings. I started with Sandalwood essence. A woody note with unctuous tonalities. I simply accentuated it with some musks, and a jasmine and coconut milk facet. Naturally yellow became associated with the perfume because for me this scent is reminiscent of this ‘colour’. And to illustrate this new chapter, I chose Jamie Cullen, the well-known illustrator with his own colourful pop world, that I really like....SHEBAM! POW! BLOP! WIZZ!!!”

Sunny Side Up is available from Q4 2017 as 50ml (€85) and 100ml Eau de parfum (€110)

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      • hednic | 30th August 2017 12:27

        Metal Chypre looks somewhat interesting.

      • Diamondflame | 6th September 2017 06:11

        Yet another misappropriation of 'chypre'... Anyone knows what extreme amber's supposed to be?