A new look and new fragrance for Ruth Mastenbroek

31st August, 2017

The new packaging
This September, British independent perfumer, Ruth Mastenbroek, is launching a new fragrance, Firedance, and alongside a completely new look for the brand.

As well as a new look, the company are making a few subtle changes to the formulations to ensure that the perfumes continue to be long-lasting and develop well once sprayed. They say: “Just think of them as an even better version of the fragrances you know and love!”

British artist Courtney Dyer, has taken inspiration from each perfume to create a hand-drawn illustration for each scent.

Ruth Mastenbroek launched her debut fragrance in 2010, followed by Amorosa (2012) and Oxford (2015).

The new fragrance is called Firedance, and is described as ‘a story of celebration’. Mastenbroek says ”In Firedance, Damask rose sparkles over smouldering leather to invoke the feeling of true happiness in life. I conjure the buzz of big celebrations as well as those wonderful small moments of contentment that remind me how precious life is.”

Firedance and the new look line will be available exclusively in Fenwick this September and nationwide in the UK in October.

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