Beaufort London's latest is the Iron Duke

18th September, 2017

Beaufort London, who won an Art and Olfaction Award award earlier this year for their fragrance, Fathom V, have launched a new scent named Iron Duke.

The fragrance is to be part of a new collection entitled Revenants, where each scent in the collection is inspired by people from Britain’s past. Creative director, Leo Crabtree says:

Iron Duke

“We find ourselves far less concerned with individual ‘notes’ per se... Our first ‘Come Hell or High Water” editions were very literal impressions of historic events using specific ingredients to achieve this. With the ‘REVENANTS’ collection we intend to draw our attention to people and the impression they leave behind.”

Crabtree worked with perfumer Julie Dunkley to create the new fragrance, which is a tribute to Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington (1769 - 1852). The promotional images for the fragrance were shot by Matthew Seed, and the design on the bottle is an image commissioned from tattooist Robert Gisbourne-Ashby.

The scent features Animalic, Metallic, Gun powder, Leather and Tobacco notes.

Iron Duke is available now as 50ml Eau de Parfum and 2ml sample.

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      • hednic | 18th September 2017 13:08

        I wish this were available in the US to try.

      • thebeck | 22nd September 2017 20:24

        Me too! I hope Twisted Lily gets in soon.They have the rest of the line.

      • pluran | 24th September 2017 00:56

        Good to see Leo staying in there. Think I'll go spray on some East India.

      • yarn | 24th September 2017 10:57

        If anyone else has tried this I would be interested to see if they pick up any similarity to Interlude Man as it has a certain 'in the ballpark' feel to me?

      • omarin71 | 1st October 2017 09:47

        ...the new one in class with, the stupid question which is the most deep smokey frag from this house ?