Chemical Poetry : New niche perfume subscription club launches, with discount for Basenotes readers

27th September, 2017

Chemical Poetry Club is a new UK-based niche perfume subscription service who are offering a limited edition three month subscription running across October, November and December in the lead up to Christmas.

Chemical Poetry Club has been founded by Keren Bester, a brand and advertising specialist with a personal perfume obsession, who says:

There's been an explosion of creativity in the perfume world, but it's still not that easy to try or buy niche fragrances due to their limited distribution. Chemical Poetry Club sidesteps the usual channels, delivering unique vials of niche fragrances from independent British perfumers monthly, right through your letterbox.⠀

Each month, members will receive three mini-vials containing a one-month supply of the niche perfumes. Members can discuss the perfumes with other members on the exclusive members area of the site, and earn points, which can be redeemed against full bottles of their favourites.

You can find out more on the website at and until 5th October, Basenotes readers can get a 15% discount by using the promo code BNOTES15.

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      • hednic | 27th September 2017 12:50

        It will be interesting to hear the experiences of our UK Basenoters who take part in this.

      • sobejjj | 27th September 2017 14:13

        Is this UK only? Can't find the info anywhere on the site

      • keren_chemicalpoetry | 27th September 2017 14:50

        Yes, it's only available in the UK for the time being. We will look into international shipping from next year onwards.

        Where are you based sobejjj?

      • sobejjj | 27th September 2017 15:12

        Poland (EU). I'll be waiting for the international shipping impatiently!

      • thebeck | 28th September 2017 19:05

        Seems like an odd service to me. I have no problems getting samples of my choice from all over the world.

        Why would I want samples of someone elses choice?

      • | 30th September 2017 03:38

        "delivering unique vials of niche fragrances from independent British perfumers monthly, right through your letterbox.⠀"

        British perfumers only, eh?