Mirus launch new scent, The Elysian Fields

02nd October, 2017

The Elysian Fields
Neal Peters has created the a new fragrance for his brand Mirus: The Elysian Fields.

The scent is the first from the brand since last year's Ceremony, which was shortlisted for an Art and Olfaction Award earlier this year.

Peters says that:

The Elysian Fields is a rich fougere that explores the more sumptuous aspects of this classic fragrance style.  It starts with a special lavender oil made from just the lavender flowers, with the stems and greenery removed.  This yields a sweeter smell that is more true to nature. This rich, sweet lavender melds with Venezuelan tonka bean absolute, natural oakmoss and geranium to form a heady fougere that’s both traditional and decadent.


The Elysian Fields is available now from Tigerlily in San Francisco 

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      • hednic | 3rd October 2017 13:18

        This one sounds like it could be interesting.

      • RichNTacoma | 30th December 2017 20:19

        FYI, it is more than interesting, it is wonderful.