Carphone Warehouse launch promotional fragrance: ‘Unboxed’

12th October, 2017

Carphone Warehouse, a UK cell phone retailer has launched a fragrance named Unboxed, which aims to capture the smell of unboxing a new smartphone.

"We played with a range of curious ingredients to get that perfect blend of phone materials, refined packaging, metallic electricity and luxurious exclusivity" says Gemma Hopkins, Founder of Design in Scent, who was in charge of creating the fragrance.

The fragrance is available in 120 Carphone Warehouse stores, and the notes include cedarwood, spice and frankincense.

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      • hednic | 12th October 2017 14:54

        Hope this isn't a trend that will carry across the Atlantic.

      • rum | 13th October 2017 09:39

        Just when I thought I'd seen everything, this happens!

        I might just pop in to a local store and try to find out what is going on. Suspect this must smell of plastic and cardboard? Yikes, marketing manager might need to get their head checked out...

      • Palmolive | 13th October 2017 09:45

        Please report back, new electronics smell so dope so it will be interesting to see if they nail that vibe but I suspects not Terrel, I suspects not.

      • Eau Absolutely | 13th October 2017 21:28

        "the notes include cedarwood, spice and frankincense"

        So, not like the smell of unboxing a new smartphone at all then... Lol.

      • Palmolive | 13th October 2017 22:05

        Yup, thats what put me off. Nu_Be Oxygen however does have that new Mac smell in spades:

        [quote]"A cold, clean smell that reminds me of industrial packaging materials--think something along the lines of styrofoam, plastics, and adhesives, like if you bought a new printer or video game system and stuck your nose in the box right after you opened it. The plastic, rubber, traces of the glue used to seal everything, and a freshly manufactured smell all come together in Oxygen. It also reminds me of a new sneaker store--not in so much as there's any kind of leather involved--but the fresh rubber of the soles and the clean, newly installed carpet, maybe combined with a fresh coat of paint. This is what Oxygen smells like to me. It's strange, but not unpleasant."[/quote]

      • MGW | 21st October 2017 00:19

        Haha :D

      • AnthonyG | 21st October 2017 23:28


        Ha, yeah, Frankincense always reminds me of unboxing a phone.

      • vferrari | 16th November 2017 03:17

        As someone who works in the cellphone industry, please don't