NEZ Magazine launches in London

11th December, 2017

The founders of NEZ Magazine will be in London this week to celebrate the launch of their new English issue #4 which is themed on ‘is perfume an art?’

NEZ Magazine is the only periodical to be dedicated to scent and the sense of smell. It brings together articles, interviews, surveys and critical analysis with an olfactory focus, in attempt to ‘challenge us to use our noses to explore the world’. Its contributors include scientists, perfumers, writers, scholars, historians, photographers and artists. 

On Wednesday 13th December, NEZ will host drinks at Jovoy Mayfair from 6:30pm where the 30 perfumes reviewed in issue 4 can be smelled and discussed. 

On Thursday 14th December, Basenotes and NEZ Magazine contributor Eddie Bulliqi will chair a panel discussion on perfume as art with panellists Lyn Harris (perfumer and founder of Perfumer H), Thomas Dunckley (The Candy Perfume Boy), Dr. Christina Bradstreet (Courses and Events Programmer at The National Gallery, London), and Clara Ursitti (an artist who has used smell and perfume in many of her artworks). 

If you are interested in attending, you can find the Facebook event here


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      • Redneck Perfumisto | 15th December 2017 04:26

        Nice! Things like this do make me wish I lived in London sometimes!