House of Matriarch's latest fragrance is a tribute to the Holly King

15th December, 2017

Sacre Noir
House of Matriarch's latest fragrance is Sacre Noir. Perfumer Christi Meshell has collaborated with Joseph Sagona to create this limited Winter "Holy-Day" fragrance.

The company say:

During the darkest night, in the darkest hour, The Holly King emerges from the timeless enchanted forest to anoint us with the ancient purpose of the “holly-days/ holy-days” - to draw us close to one another. 

Holly is a theme rarely explored in High Perfumery. For all the legendary beauty and inherent magic it possesses, the tree itself has a very mild aroma - the berries none at all. Christi and Joseph offer this tribute to the Holly King with a special holiday fragrance release that will warm your heart and bring hope to the SACRE NOIR - that darkest night of Winter Solstice. 

Sacre Noir contains notes of oranges, evergreens and sugarplums in the top; cypress, oakwood, mastic, red rose, heather, laurel, bay, myrtle and juniper feature in the heart; and agarwood, balsam peru, black copal, oakmoss, boswellia, neglecta incense and forest floor accord feature in the base notes.


Sacre Noir is available now from House of Matriarch

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      • hednic | 16th December 2017 15:31

        The notes sound interesting on this one.

      • Zdenek | 16th December 2017 15:48

        I do not understand what is sacred in this perfume. A description that would suit other dozens of perfumes. All are mysterious, holy, dark and magical. I do not understand. Another marketing blabber.

      • philistine | 16th December 2017 18:09

        The Holly King is an aspect of deity in some modern pagan traditions - the winter counterpart to the Oak King. I think that's what the "sacre" is about.

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 18th December 2017 06:48


        I say take me to the Queen of Oakmoss! I'm smitten for sure!

      • philistine | 18th December 2017 13:35

        Heheh :) House of Matriarch made me curious when I first saw the name because it's a very goddess-feminism name to pick; when I read about their actual fragrances I chuckled because I was bang on right about their philosophy. There are dozens of small-scale perfume oil makers who embrace the "witchy" side of fragrance, but HoM have taken it to the next level and make proper alcohol-based fragrances informed by the same philosophy. There's a disclaimer on one of the scents on their website that says they don't make perfumes that smell "nice", they make perfumes designed for people who want a sensory experience - I laughed when I read that because I've seen the exact same thing in the descriptions of several different perfume oils on Etsy. Not sure I can afford to prefer HoM's offerings over the far cheaper oils, but it's nice as a pagan to see my worldview being represented in mainstream or even luxury things, rather than just on the fringes of life :)