RUIK turn famous Amsterdam Christmas tree into perfume

20th December, 2017


Co-founders of RUIK, Siblings Boye and NoŽlle

Each Christmas time, Amsterdam’s Dam Square plays host to a majestic Christmas tree. Last year, instead of being sent to the shredder, the tree was rescued by the perfume house, RUIK.

They picked up the tree, distilled the luxurious oil, let it age for almost a year and from the remaining wood they made an exclusive cap for the perfume bottle.


Co-founder Boye says: "After a year of maturing and testing, it has become a fresh green fragrance for everyone, combined with warm woody notes and a sultry hint of cinnamon. The ultimate ode to this natural scent icon.”

Siblings Boye and NoŽlle started making perfumes from orange peels (VERSCHIL) and Christmas trees (DEN). The packaging is made from agricultural waste and the caps from the residual materials.

More information is available at

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      • hednic | 20th December 2017 15:16

        Good way of making use of the tree after it served its initial purpose.

      • Scent Detective | 30th December 2017 22:20

        I want a 50ml bottle of DEN! It sounds amazing! But, I went to the RUIK site, and every time I try to put the bottle of DEN in my shopping cart, it says it's empty when I try to checkout. Is this because they won't ship to the USA? I'll be sad if so. Does anyone know?

      • hednic | 11th January 2018 15:52

        Can you shoot them an e-mail and inquire why that is happening?

      • Scent Detective | 12th January 2018 03:02

        Hey hednic. Looks like shipping to the US is out because of the whole hazardous goods stuff to do with alcohol based products. I'm very sorry too, because DEN sounds like something I'd love to own. Hopefully someday...

      • hednic | 12th January 2018 04:15

        Sorry to hear that.

      • scentsitivity | 5th February 2018 23:55

        Thank you for telling us about this amazing perfume and this amazing house!!!

        Wish it were widely available!!!