Acqua di Parma launch men’s travel set : Colonia Nomade

23rd January, 2018

Acqua di Parma have launched a set specifically for travelling men, featuring the scent of their classic Colonia fragrance. The Colonia Nomade set includes an 75ml Aftershave Balm, 50lm Deodorant Spray and 75ml Bath & Shower Gel, all contained within a travel pouch.

The company say:

For charismatic, inquisitive, enlightened men at the peak of their personal and professional development, travelling is part and parcel of daily life. Accustomed to moving around continuously, they travel for business but also for pleasure. Every trip, no matter how short, is a chance to broaden their horizons, seize new career prospects and embrace new cultural and social opportunities. Every new city provides a chance to explore its art and design, its venues, music and cuisine – all that is new and innovative. These men exude an air of leisurely and informal elegance, choosing quality and practicality, authenticity and style. Always connected, they like to take time to savour those fleeting moments that life affords them. Wherever they are, they always make sure they set aside some time to indulge in those necessary, highly satisfying grooming rituals that make them feel good about themselves.

In the UK, the set launches at the end of January exclusively to Harrods and is priced at £42.

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      • hednic | 23rd January 2018 15:46

        I wish other houses would follow suit with this idea.

      • rum | 23rd January 2018 16:31

        It's definitely a good idea, the set looks good and is priced quite reasonably, but only some of the contents will ever get used or appeal to everyone. I for a start can't see myself using the balm as I had trouble with it in the past when I sampled it. Still, AdP deserves top marks for innovating here and thinking of this before everyone else.

      • Driftmoon | 23rd January 2018 18:42

        So they left out the cologne itself?

      • Mark_Trail | 24th January 2018 07:26

        The idea is good. However it is bit strange that the cologne itself has been left out. Another gripe I have with these is that for light air travel one would need this type of packages to also pass airport security as hand luggage with flying colours