Cartier launch Déclaration in Parfum form

06th February, 2018

Cartier have launched a Parfum version of its classic men’s fragrance Déclaration, which was originally released in Eau de toilette form in 1998.

The original was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, and was an alliance between cardamom (making its debut in Cartier perfumery) and woody notes.

The new parfum, created by Mathilde Laurent, draws upon the potency of cedar, exploring its olfactory scope from fig to waxed wood.

Déclaration Parfum is available as 50ml and 100ml.

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      • hednic | 7th February 2018 12:47

        Mine should be coming today. Looking forward to this.

      • DrJeff | 9th February 2018 17:46

        Can't wait to try this^^ Hednic - will you share your experience when your bottle arrives?

      • hednic | 9th February 2018 19:24

        Just first impressions - everything seems to be accentuated. It's woodier, spicier, richer, warmer and longer lasting than the original. You can tell that's you're wearing Declaration when you put it on which I found comforting. Overall positive experience.