Bogue produce Noun to celebrate LuckyScent's 15th year

13th February, 2018


Bogue Profumo have created new limited fragrance, Noun exclusively for Lucky Scent to celebrate the store’s 15th Anniversary.

Lucky Scent say

“When a perfumer as uniquely talented and respected as Antonio Gardoni offers to create a special fragrance for your anniversary, you don't waste a single moment saying YES. And honestly, we'd have been satisfied with an update of a previous work, or even an unfinished idea. Instead, Antonio delivered a true labor of love, a dynamic, delicious, utterly delightful scent that straddles lines between bright and resinous, sweet and spicy, rich and aromatic in that utterly unique way that only Bogue Profumo can produce. We're unbelievably grateful to Antonio for gifting us this masterwork-- and when you try it, you will be too.”

The fragrance was created by perfumer Antonio Gardoni and contains notes of bergamot, yuzu, mandarin, petitgrain, buchu, black pepper, mint, basil, mustard seed, cassis, rosemary, ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, lavender, geranium, rosewood, labdanum, olibanum, sandalwood, benzoin, patchouli, vanilla, tonka, siam wood, vetiver and cedarwood

Noun is available now as 50ml Parfum at Luckyscent

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      • hednic | 14th February 2018 12:32

        Would like to try this one. Have to remember to request a free sample with my next order.

      • Oviatt | 14th February 2018 18:01

        Sounds interesting. I am overdue for a swing through their scent bar so will try it out.

      • Trilby Lark | 15th February 2018 02:03

        Me too. Except I must brave heavy traffic from Orange County to get there.