Oliver & Co open first retail store

28th February, 2018

Spanish niche perfume brand, Oliver & Co have opened their first retail store in Madrid. Founder, Oliver Valverde has drawn on his background as a DJ and sound engineer to create a space that “evokes the nocturnal and tellurian arcadia of dark electro music temples.” Valverde worked with interior designer, Nacho Amago.

Valverde says “About the black color: to me black is the sum of all colors. In addition to that, black represents the darkness. In darkness no one can see but everyone can smell perfectly. So, I wanted that the customers focus on the sense of smell in order to feel the fragrances, without any distractions. Black is also the color of many electronic music clubs, that lay in my background as a DJ, sound engineering and my other big passion: avant-garde and electronic music.”

As the visitor walks in, dark shades and monochrome surfaces surround subtle lights and unexpected decors. Customers can discover amazing raw materials and purchase fragrances from the store. Conceived as a conceptual workshop and creative hub, its shape and function will change over the years. The visitor's experience will be enhanced through collaborations and multidisciplinary dialogues. The window will host art interventions and ephemeral installations. The soundtrack of the space evokes Valverde's passion for avant-garde electronic music.

Valverde adds “Another important thing is that I will be there attending customers. So I will be pleased to talk with all the people that come in. Direct-to-customer experience is bringing me a new view of my brand and retail in general. I enjoy a lot teaching people about my universe and the difference of my fragrances comparing to the mass market. I talk to them about the marketing of the big brands: sexism campaigns, flankers, etc… in contrast to artistic and niche perfumery. You can’t imagine the lack of fragrance culture that there is here in Spain. But people are very open to new things. I feel it, and it make me feel very happy and proud to be able to help people to understand about the importance and authenticity of the underground and artistic fragrance scene worldwide.

I think in a short future physical stores will become a combination of showroom, gallery, concierge service and logistics and distribution centers.”

Oliver Valverde is at Palma 58, 28015 Madrid, Spain.

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      • hednic | 28th February 2018 12:19

        Another store to explore next time I'm in Madrid.

      • Cook.bot | 2nd March 2018 02:53

        I can't say that looks like the most welcoming retail space I've ever seen, but since I just fell in love with two of Oliver & Co's scents (Vaninger and Vetiverus), and bought four FBs at his recent tester sale, I would definitely be visiting that store if I was in Madrid!