New scent by Angela Flanders: Lawn

11th April, 2018

London-based fragrance house, Angela Flanders have launched Lawn; a new limited edition feminine fragrance inspired by both Angela’s love of fabrics and a poem by perfume writer, Vicci Bentley. The fragrance was created by Kate Evans, daughter of Angela Flanders, who took over the perfumery in 2016 after Angela's death.

When Vicci Bentley - who had previously worked on a perfume with Angela - showed her the poem, things fell quickly into place. ‘Mum always loved sensual fabrics, so as a tribute to her I’d been toying with the idea of creating a fragrance based on cloth, texture and touch. With its dual meaning of mown grass and floaty, diaphanous fabric, Lawn was the perfect catalyst,’ Kate says.

The scent is described as a sensitive tribute and a new direction for the Angela Flanders collection.  ‘I wanted to come to the perfumery fresh and find my own way with it. The concept for Lawn was something we didn’t already have in the collection.

‘I’ve inherited this incredible legacy and I want it to live on,’ Kate says. ‘I’m immensely proud of what Angela created and honoured to take on the perfumer’s role now. Sometimes, when I’m in the studio, I feel she’s looking over my shoulder.’

Notes for the fragrance include black pepper, bergamot, galbanum, patchouli, tuberose, jasmine and lemon balm.

Lawn is available now as a limited edition of 50 bottles from


by Vicci Bentley

These gauzy mornings

there’s a reason why you push your bed pillow-close
to the open window so that the cool, the light
bathes you awake five o’clock and eager
to leave diseased dreams and watch
the calm, silver sheet of the
dawning lawn catch the
unhurried tumble of
a petal’s feather curl

for in the blink of that first, not-quite time

you still believe in the lightness of your footfall
stepping out onto the fresh, the wet
beneath your soles, between your toes;
inhaling silver, tasting green as
each liquid call in the chorus
trickles down to touch the
newness in you

until the truth of the day scorches through


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