Oliver Valverde’s Oliver & Co to go alone

12th April, 2018

Oliver Valverde

Olivier Valverde’s Madrid-based perfumery Oliver & Co is shunning the traditional fragrance retails structure, and will no longer sell their products though distributors and third party retailers.

Throughout 2011 to 2017 the brand was stocked in over 80 stores including 10 Corso Como, LuckyScent, Twisted Lily and Aus Liebe zum Duft. From last month, the company will only be selling from their website and their flagship store in Madrid.

The company say

“The changes are designed to revolutionise the entire fragrance process.

To allow a more direct and personal relationship with customers.

To allow fairer and lower pricing. Honesty.

To further creative freedom that will lead to even more

explorative fragrances.

This may not be the “norm”, but we never created OLIVER & CO. to play by the rules!”

Valverde speaks about the plan in this video below.


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      • hednic | 12th April 2018 12:47

        I wish that other European companies would do the same as he is doing.

      • Suspended | 12th April 2018 13:20

        Who knows, it could turn out to be the beginning of a much wider change.

      • Cook.bot | 12th April 2018 18:50

        I've bought four FBs from Oliver this year, and one of them, Vaninger, has leapt to the top of my Desert Island list. I'm far from conservative in my perfume outlook, but I'm a little skeptical of all this "break the rules" talk. I do believe that in perfume, as in all the arts, you need a firm grounding in classic techniques and structures before you can successfully shatter them. Otherwise, you're pretty much just a dilettante. (Which Oliver is obviously not; he's extremely talented.)

        Whether that theory applies to marketing practices as well, I'm unqualified to judge. I did have very happy experiences buying directly from Oliver, and my two purchases arrived on the U.S. east coast from Madrid within 72 hours.

      • cazaubon | 13th April 2018 00:01

        I agree with what he is doing, having read his reasoning behind it. I wish him all the best.