Alessandro Gualtieri adds Nudiflorum to Nasomatto range

16th April, 2018

Nudiflorum is the latest fragrance by Alessandro Gualtieri's Nasomatto. As per usual with Gualtieri's fragrances, the note list hasn't been released, but it is described as a 'nude floral'

The company say:

The fragrance that invites you to undergo the unexpected tranquility of giving up oneself without concern for a boundary, and to sense the hazy intuition of a depth that undoes distance.

Nudiforum is an olfactory intimacy. It is an interpretation of a feeling of being touched.

A slender touch of a bare skin that penetrates through the surface and becomes a part of you.

Natural, primitive and sensual – this cross-breed of naked fur fowers creates a feeling of a delicate collision of a skin on skin.

Nudiforum is a ritual of uncovering

Each Nasomatto fragrances feature a cap made with a different type of wood, this fragrances cap is made of padauk wood.

Nudiflorum is available now from Liberty in the UK

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