Andy Tauer's L'Oudh is now at Luckyscent

16th April, 2018

L'Oudh by Tauer, is now available in the US at Luckyscent.

Notes include laotian oud, cypriol, castoreum, java vetiver, mysore sandalwood, morel, cistus and musk.

Perfumer Andy Tauer says "This oudh fragrance is special and rather unique," and warns "Please do not buy blind but test beforehand."

He adds:

L'oudh is a fragrance that builds around a natural oudh essential oil from Laos. There is no olfactory pyramid as the fragrance is not composed around head, heart and body notes. L'oudh accord, with natural oudh and cypriol , to name two ingredients, is central to the fragrance. All other notes and ingredients are there to support a naturalistic, wild, untamed oudh.

L'Oudh is available as 50ml Eau de Parfum at LuckyScent and the Tauer website.

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      • hednic | 17th April 2018 12:44

        Have to remember to request a free sample of this with my next order.

      • Descartes | 20th April 2018 23:49

        I will blind buy anything from Andy Tauer as if it was a Hendrix bootleg and specially since is a Oud interpretation,looking forward for the day he makes a Nag Champa or Vrindavan inspired fragrance.

      • leonardpayne | 24th April 2018 19:17

        I was fortunate to get a sample of this with Andy's magazine. Would love to have a bottle

        but at $275 for 50ml, thats out of my reach.

      • outline | 22nd May 2018 20:25

        Absolutely horrible. I would pay to have it gone.

      • epapsiou | 22nd May 2018 20:56

        Ha. I do understand this. It is too dry and motor-oily. Wish it had some sweetness to round it out.