Chanel launch two new body products for Chanel L’Eau with digital campaign

09th May, 2018

Chanel have launched a hand cream and body spray in it’s Chanel L’Eau fragrance. The products are being supported by a new digital campaign with a film portraying a dance of paradoxical movements.

The campaign was directed by Jacob Sutton and orchestrated by choreographer Dimitri Chamblas:

The film presents each shot like a photograph, keeping the movement alive by capturing it in the moment. It portrays a "dual" woman who expresses her different moods through a cathartic dance: a sensual and powerful dance to represent the cream, versus a light and airy dance to represent the mist. The tension gradually builds until the final moment when the two women become one and the same person, two facets of one personality.

The split-screen film initiates a mirrored dialogue with brief encounters between the two scenes, asserting the complementary duality of the products. The movements are driven by different rhythms, alternating from one screen to the other. Creating a sensorial composition in harmony with the movement, they establish a sense of expectation, seduction, with an intensity that swells until it explodes with a free, exuberant energy.


“A refreshing way to revitalise the senses or for touch-ups throughout the day, N°5 L’EAU ALL-OVER SPRAY is a perfuming spray for the hair and body.

An ultra-generous mist in a sleek, travel-friendly bottle, makes it easy to use at any moment.”


“N°5 L’EAU ON HAND CREAM leaves skin moisturised, radiant and delicately scented.

With its unique, user-friendly design, you’ll want to keep on hand so you can apply it when you want, where you want.”

The products are both available now from Chanel boutiques.

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      • hednic | 9th May 2018 16:18

        My granddaughter might definitely be interested in these.

      • cacio | 9th May 2018 17:19

        I saw these at a duty free earlier this week. I am a sucker for body products, so I'd have been interested in a perfumed hand cream, but l'eau is not my favorite of the no 5 line - I would have much preferred the regular no 5 or l'eau premiere. Plus, at eur 50 (if i'm not mistaken), this is not a drugstore hand cream...


      • Primrose | 9th May 2018 20:29

        Nice to know, but I could have done without the dissonant music and dancing.

        Chanel is way too elegant for this but I presume they want something for a younger, edgier audience.

        L'Eau is a great fragrance and good to know the new products are out there.