Chanel launch Parfum of Bleu de Chanel

09th May, 2018

Chanel have launched a Parfum strength version of its men’s Bleu de Chanel fragrance. This follows the Eau de Toilette (2010) and Eau de Parfum (2014).

The Parfum adjusts the proportion of wood and citrus of the previous incarnations of the scent. It shares the same olfactory core of the EDT, featuring the same top notes. The heart features cedar and the base includes New Caledonian Sandalwood.

The new fragrance was created by Olivier Polge (who also was the perfumer behind the Eau de Parfum), who says “The difficulty was trying to set the right tone to convey what a ‘parfum for men’ could be. We had to avoid simply repeating what had already been done. Intensity and refinement can be expressed without throwing an olfactory punch. That is why I wanted to give more space to the sandalwood, to let it fuse with the cedar and fresh top notes”

Bleu de Chanel Parfum is available as 50ml and 100ml. Available now in the US at, and from 1st June in the UK.

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      • hednic | 9th May 2018 16:19

        Mine has already arrived but won't have a chance to use it until end of May.

      • surge | 30th May 2018 23:47

        I smelled this a few days ago at Macy's when I was shopping

        I was not impressed, I own both EDT and EDP version, EDP version though I got in the travel spray things, which I love.

        I wish Chanel offered this in the travel sizes, and you could just buy ONE small size. I wouldn't mind owning it just to have it, but to be honest, I really can't detect any major differences between the existing versions and this one

        It just seems like a cash grab at this point, I mean what's next? Bleu de Chanel INTENSE?

      • lgrisale | 9th June 2018 12:19

        I love and own the EDP Parfum..Chanel

        Must must leave this line alone and move to create something different

      • lgrisale | 9th June 2018 12:20

        I love and own the EDP edition..Chanel

        Must leave this line alone and move to create something different

      • surge | 9th June 2018 17:18

        Behold their next creation...Bleu de Chanel OUD INTENSE PARFUM

      • rum | 10th June 2018 14:55

        Really? Just how many oud scents has Chanel released do date?

      • surge | 10th June 2018 23:59

        Wanna bet that'll be their next creation? I'm betting on it being a BdC flanker too. Seriously. $20 wager :)

      • Beck | 29th July 2018 04:14

        It’s missing Sport and Eau Cologne flankers. Wake up Chanel!

      • Zealot Crusader | 31st July 2018 09:47

        Some day well receive Red de Chanel, then we can finally have the Red Vs Blue contest everyone's been waiting on.