Kim Kardashian launches KKW Body

10th May, 2018

KKW Body
Kim Kardashian has launched KKW Body; following several weeks of teasing on her instagram account.

KKW Body contains notes of bergamot, peach nectar, baies rose and mandarin in the top; a heart of jasmine sambac, rose absolute and ylang ylang; and the dry down features sandalwood, musk, golden amber and vetiver.

Kardashian told Business of Fashion last month:

“The next fragrance I have coming out in May, KKW Body, is so amazing. It is a sculpture, basically, of my body,” she reveals. “It’s really cool. The scent is so good, I’m so proud of it. It smells to me like what I would think golden smells like, even though that’s a colour and something that’s just luminous.”

Kardashian's first foray into fragrance was in partnership with Lighthouse Beauty in 2010 with her eponymous debut fragrance. Last year Kardashian launched her own fragrance company KKW Fragrance to create new scents.

KKW Body is available now from

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      • gandhajala | 13th May 2018 13:58

        Simultaneously the best and the worst bottle I've seen for a long time.

      • hednic | 13th May 2018 14:00

        Bottles are pretty tacky.

      • Hazel5 | 16th May 2018 22:40

        It's pretty awful that the "body" has no arms, legs, head. Ultimate objectification.

      • remik | 16th May 2018 22:54

        Is there a reason you cannot post pictures in this thread...? The icon for adding images (or videos, for that matter) are missing.

        EDIT: It seems like the image/video icons are showing up in other forums - so this must be related to this specific forum, I'm guessing.

      • Suspended | 16th May 2018 23:06

        That's because it's supposed to be a bust shaped bottle, not a glass effigy of KK. I'm sure there are inflatable dolls for people with those desires (and...can an object qualify as objectification? Its very essence is object, it can't get more object like. Isn't that like saying a dildo objectifies men?)

        Can you imagine how freaky/unusable it would be with arms and legs? It needs to be a functional vessel for perfume, not a bloated Barbie with a sprayer.

        Another celebrity abomination. It can sit next to the Minaj bottle. Just waiting on a Cardi B release to finish the perfume Minaj à Trois.

      • Suspended | 16th May 2018 23:07

        Trust me, no-one needs or wants to see it!!

      • Shiny Beast | 17th May 2018 03:49

        Wow, haha, just checked that bottle out. That's something else.

      • Diamondflame | 17th May 2018 13:11

        True. Who needs to see a ‘sculpture’ when pics of the real ‘original’ are easily accessible...

        I don’t really get the knocks about the bottle. It’s like JPG ‘Le Male’ all over again...

      • Primrose | 18th May 2018 23:30

        I thought of Le Male also, and Gaultier Classique. But what does it smell like? I have bought bottles in which I have hated the scents and bought scents with horrid bottles.

      • Sujan Azad Parikh | 21st May 2018 10:31

        The shape of the bottle is quite attractive. Don't know about the smell but it will definitely be good I believe. This is her new brand as she had already partnered with Lighthouse Beauty in 2010.

      • Primrose | 23rd May 2018 20:26

        It just came back in stock. The bottle alone is worth having in a collection. I hear it smells like Dior J'Adore, so I wonder just how unisex this is supposed to be.

      • Xeryuz | 25th June 2018 09:09

        Maybe/hope in the future we can anticipate the bottle's shape of KK's labia major/minor with the scent of her ovulation secretions resp. frustrated uterus' tears. Wish good luck to KK's PR team !