Love in Light: Creed to light up Empire State Building

by Grant Osborne, 13th October, 2005

The exterior lights of the Empire State Building will be pure white on the night of November 16, 2005 to honor the special arrangement between Creed and the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO), under which a portion of proceeds from sales of Creed's new scent, Love In White, will be donated to UNESCO.

Also on November 16, master perfumer Olivier Creed, sixth generation head of the company, will be in New York from Paris to personally formalize the charitable arrangement agreed upon by all parties earlier this year.

Creed is very pleased to support UNESCO's mission that ranges from medicine distribution to disaster relief to fostering democratic institutions and women's rights programs in the third world.

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    • adamqx4 | 13th October 2005 22:46

      I live in New York, and I will definitely look up at the Empire State Building on that night. I think that it is very admirable for a company such as Creed to donate a portion of their proceeds to such a great cause. UNESCO is the kind of charity that brings the world together for the greater good and it is especially important in today's day and age. Bravo Creed!

    • CJ | 20th October 2005 13:43

      One can only hope that the proceeds from this venture will be administered more carefully than was the money for the Oil For Food program. :-/

    • Savvy_Nose | 25th October 2005 00:31

      UNESCO is based in Paris, semi-autonomous from the UN.

    • CJ | 25th October 2005 02:08

      [quote=Savvy_Nose]UNESCO is based in Paris, semi-autonomous from the UN.[/quote]

      Paris played a big part in that scandal. And "semi-autonomous" is an oxymoron.

      'Nuff said.

    • scenteur7 | 25th October 2005 04:41

      [quote=CJ][quote author=Savvy_Nose link=1127891160/0#4 date=1130196705]UNESCO is based in Paris, semi-autonomous from the UN.[/quote]

      Paris played a big part in that scandal.  And "semi-autonomous" is an oxymoron.

      'Nuff said.[/quote]

      CJ, play nicely please. ::)

    • alexel | 20th February 2006 16:46

      unesco in Paris is not at all aware of the Creed donation. how can we check on the facts ? it sounds very strange give on us sales to a paris arm of un!