Saint Louis perfume house, Chatillon Lux, launch Santal Auster

by Judith Brockless, 28th June, 2018

Saint Louis-based perfume house, Chatillon Lux have launched a new parfum extrait, Santal Auster.

Founded in 2015 by perfumer Shawn Maher, Chatillon Lux fragrances are ‘inspired by the history of South Saint Louis and its resilience in the face of adversity’.  Maher says: ‘The juxtaposition of a historic city populated by counterculture artists who are brimming with city pride can be found throughout this part of the city, and that is a big reason behind my creative energy.’

The result is a collection featuring fragrances such as Unconditional Surrender, inspired by Ulysses S. Grant and Bon Vivant, celebrating "The Professor" Jerry Thomas, the first celebrity bartender.

Of Santal Auster Maher says: ‘This is the natural evolution of the sandalwood accord used in Rose Santal Eau de Toilette, taking the subtle smoothness and transforming it into a total sensory experience.’  Combined with Mysore sandalwood are notes of oud, opoponax, styrax, dark-aged patchouli and castoreum.

‘It is a scent that is simply complex, just like the city that inspired it.’


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      • hednic | 28th June 2018 15:02

        Had never heard of this line before. Interesting.

      • sizzel | 28th June 2018 20:36

        I have samples of this , Rose Santal and Unconditional Surrender. Not my bag of tricks, but very popular in the wet shaving community. The company is known primarily for their shaving soaps.

      • ChatillonLux | 28th June 2018 23:26

        To clarify, we do not make shaving soaps. We do, however, license some of our fragrances to a company, Declaration Grooming, that does make shaving soaps.

      • sizzel | 29th June 2018 00:59

        Thank you for correcting me. I didn't have my fact straight. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused.

      • sniffman | 1st February 2019 13:53

        Does your Santal Auster contain true Mysore Sandalwood?

      • ChatillonLux | 3rd February 2019 16:48

        It does in concert with a synthetic sandalwood accord that I created to enhance the depth of the note.

      • ChatillonLux | 4th February 2019 05:31

        You're welcome. There are quite a few factors at play here. First of all, the over-harvesting of sandalwood has put the market for naturals at quite the disadvantage. I use a sustainable grown and harvested natural oil, so I am trying to help with the problem here, but in reality the rush to meet demand means that natural oils are not as well developed as they were back in their heyday. This makes a supplemental accord often necessary.

        Additionally, there are many, many different sandalwood materials out there, all with their own unique characteristics. To imply that all sandalwood accords with a mix of natural and synthetic materials to be the same does quite the disservice with the expansive palette that perfumers have at their disposal.

        Either way, the accord is more than just sandalwood, along with a Cambodian oud (as you are likely aware, there are many, many different natural oud options out there, each with their unique characteristics) along with styrax, opoponax, castoreum and dark aged patchouli, so beyond the sandalwood accord, the overal composistion is designed to go beyond a simple sandalwood accord into a more diverse experience.