French menswear company, Editions M.R. to launch first fragrance: Acide.

06th August, 2018

Perfumer Will Inrig has created the first fragrance for French mens fashion brand, Editions M.R. The fragrance is described as ‘memory without nostalgia and modernity without fantasy’.

The company say:

In the bottle is the splash of a yellow-green almost-chemical juice that is as much a promise of artificial exoticism as it is a reminder of the star ingredient of Colognes, a bracing citrus. Amplified to excess, lemon oil from Sicily reveals its complexity, prolonged and underlined by lemonile, a modern synthetic with a metallic citrus-herbal odor. Blended in a sparkling yet lush cocktail are raw bergamot oil — the real deal, regardless of what IFRA says —-, cognac oil and bitter lemon touches of neroli and petit grain. Lavender absolute from the Drome region of France lends its deep-floral, hay aspects while valerian breathes an atmospheric ambiance through its sensual, carnal and herbal note that intrigues, repels but ultimately compels.

Finally, absolute rarities beckon: not only a 35-year old patchouli oil, matured like fine wine, but also raw oakmoss absolute, currently on a watchlist by regulators and perhaps soon out of reach for perfumers.

The fragrance will be available from October 2018, initially from the flagship Editions M.R. store in Paris. 100ml Eau de Cologne for €120.

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      • HauteParfumGourmand | 12th August 2018 14:07

        Nice statement and all, but still a tad cynical. Acting anti IFRA despite having to follow EU laws (people are smarter than just going "rah rah IFRA" once they find out who is really behind it all). If they used the actual unadulterated type of bergamot and oakmoss that they are "defiantly" going to use, me thinks they wouldn't be doing business, atleast legally. Maybe if they weren't based in the EU their statement would be more believable. Despite preying on consumers becoming aware of the industry regulations, I hope the fragrance they release is good all the same.

      • hednic | 12th August 2018 15:03

        Would be interested in trying this when it becomes available

      • nickblake | 15th August 2018 11:49

        For the sake of accuracy, raw unadulterated bergamot oil isnít restricted according to EU laws. Raw oakmoss absolute is also legal, until August 23, 2021. The relevant information is available on the CosIng Database. IFRA standards are just recommendations (not obligatory).