Davidoff, Zino, Relax and Good Life all discontinued.

by Grant Osborne, 09th March, 2010

Apart from Cool Water, Davidoff have discontinued all of their men's fragrance launched before 2003's Echo. As well as the aforementioned Cool Water and Echo, still in production are the Silver Shadow, Adventure and Hot Water fragrances.

Davidoff (1984), Zino (1986), Relax (1990) and Good Life (1998) are no longer in production. Some fragrance aficionado's consider these to be some of the finest fragrances in the Davidoff stable.

The original Davidoff fragrance was launched under license by Lancaster in 1984. Lancaster was acquired by Germany's Benckiser Group in 1990, and merged in with the newly acquired Coty (from Pfizer) in 1992. Today Coty is considered the world's largest fragrance company and creates fragrances for brands such as Davidoff, Calvin Klein, Jovan Jennifer Lopez and Marc Jacobs.

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    • KiatBkk | 9th March 2010 14:56

      What a nightmare to hear that Zino is discontinued! This is sad. Time to stock up.

    • dareka | 9th March 2010 16:40

      Relax was one of my absolute favourites when I was a teenager. Perhaps a hunt on eBay is in order...

    • Bossa Nova | 9th March 2010 17:08

      Hearing that a favorite fragrance is discontinued (Zino) makes me feel a little strange--like hearing about the passing of a favorite celebrity.

      Fortunately, Zino is everywhere in my city. Those mall discounters and plenty of e-tailers have tons of the stuff. Time to stock up. Thank you for this information.

    • DocmanCC | 9th March 2010 20:56

      Looks like now is the time to seek this out for sampling.

    • tanto | 9th March 2010 21:41

      Too bad! Davidoff, Zino, Relax, and Good Life are all great scents which I have enjoyed for many years. Why do companies do this?:sad:

    • Sorcery of Scent | 9th March 2010 22:53

      Oh noes!

      And just as my love affair with Zino was blossoming.

      Oh well, fore-warned is fore-armed. Better buy a bottle.

    • scentimus | 10th March 2010 02:59

      I can not believe that Zino was discontinued! The fragrance name after the founder of the company!!!

      Zino is not a scent for the masses just for the connoisseur the opposite of the Cool Water consumer!

    • The_Cologneist | 10th March 2010 03:21

      Good, none of these are fantastic. I doubt anybody will miss them. They're not modern enough.

    • Surfacing | 10th March 2010 03:41

      This is really unfortunate. I really like Zino ....arrrrgghh ! This upsets me very much, actually.

      I will have to get a backup of Zino. I really hope Davidoff's fragrances all fail miserably from now on....:p

    • DeepSilence | 10th March 2010 04:28

      untill now Davidoff was a static company. look at the davidoff's productions! most of the them name CoolWater...!

      Davidoff just sell Cool Water!

      maybe they want to produce better stuff! I look at this optimistic:wink:

    • aktp-iciook | 10th March 2010 08:01

      Thank you for the sad news.

      I could not agree more of the shame to have discontinued those legendary fragrances including Johnny Depp's favourites, Zino ☻

      Thank god Cool Water was not on the list. At least, there is a sense of enjoyment there.

      ☻▬☻▬☻ Cheers, ☻▬☻▬☻

    • JON RODGERS | 10th March 2010 18:14

      Another classic bites the dust. Zino was the jewel in Davidoff's crown.

    • auee | 20th March 2010 14:04

      Thank you for the notice. I placed my order for a bottle of Zino upon reading it. It is a very fine fragrance and now I will have some for a long time.

    • Zgb | 21st March 2010 10:47

      I adore Zino, heard many great opinions on Relax. I have a 75 ml bottle of Zino and will use it rarely and only on spec occasions...mayhaps I even stock it up for one bottle more, just in case.

    • Jburkey | 9th March 2011 08:51

      Strawberry net still sells zino.

    • Grant (article author) | 21st May 2011 22:56

      1) Because it can take a long while for stocks to run out.

      2) Because I haven't quite got round to changing that yet ;)

    • hike | 22nd May 2011 10:32

      Thank you. I bought 125 ml for 28$.(tehran).

    • Klown | 31st March 2015 18:32

      A while back I ran out of my Good Life, and my girl offered to get it for me as a gift. They said they had stopped making this product but have a new scent. I don't exactly remember, but I really think it was called Good Life, as well. It did not smell the same(or even good), so I told her not to get it. As I look on the internet, eBay, amazon, etc., and it does seem like the old versions are more yellow, and the new is a green color. What I'm trying to figure out is, what year did the yellow version go out, or how can I differentiate the two, when buying online? Please help! Thanks!

    • Grant (article author) | 31st March 2015 23:48

      I used to sell perfume when GoodLife came out, and it was green then. I'm guessing the yellow versions are ones where the juice may have changed colour over time ?

    • Ivica s | 11th March 2017 10:58

      They were very good perfumes..Zino was one of the best perfumes ever..relax was also amazing,but never so popular..people who know this perfumes will tell you do same

    • hednic | 13th March 2017 11:09

      Glad I have large full bottles of all those discontinued ones mentioned.

    • Oviatt | 13th March 2017 15:44


      You wouldn't know a diamond

      If you held it in your hand

      The things you think are precious

      I can't understand

    • Shave-A-Thon | 23rd November 2017 17:48

      Well, it's 7 years and Zino is still being sold everywhere and my bottle has a batch date of Sept. 2016.

    • Ken_Russell | 23rd November 2017 18:20

      Lucky indeed, at least from a personal viewpoint, to have found a decent sized bottle of Zino in due time (and also inexpensively)

    • Scarce | 23rd November 2017 19:32

      Little comparison between the smoothness of vintage and the severe harshness of what's sold now bearing its name.

    • Shave-A-Thon | 25th November 2017 06:17

      The question remains as to who is producing these bottles. I have a comfrey vintage bottle that I bought decades ago and while I agree the current version isn't as smooth (the same can be said for Azzaro Pour Homme, Halston Catalyst and a load of other classics), it does have a similar dry down and longevity.

      Coty told me it was discontinued and I had thought they might order a few bottles to test them and see why bottles manufactured in 2016 (unless they were really 2006) bear their insignia, but it seems they didn't pursue the matter.