Kenzo to collaborate with Avon again for new fragrance duo

03rd August, 2018

Kenzo Takada is to launch his second set of fragrances with Avon. The fashion designer first teamed up with Avon in 2016 for the Avon Life duo, which went on to become Avon’s most launch by recording the highest ever sales for a fragrance in the first quarter after its release.

"We're incredibly excited about the potential of this new fragrance and the opportunities that it will bring to Avon and our Representatives around the world," said Jonathan Myers, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Avon.

Takada says "It's not easy to find good partners like Avon. This company is wonderful, full of great young talent, dealing with a business in a complex and competitive environment, looking to offer great products at an affordable price, such as the case with Avon Life Colour. It follows what I initially did in fashion, trying to democratise great products."

Avon Life Colour – for him and for her – was created by Kenzo Takada alongside perfumers from Firmenich, Frank Voelkl and Olivier Cresp.

"One of my greatest inspirations has always been the power of colours. They are a universal language which most of us instinctively understand and which exert a great impact on how we feel," says Takada. "The world is filled with colours and this beautiful collaboration with Avon allowed me to capture in a scent the colourful spirit of positivity that is inside of all of us. The fragrance imparts the vibrant, joyful energy that we need so much nowadays."

The two fragrances are set to launch later in the year.

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      • Redneck Perfumisto | 4th August 2018 02:42

        Well, I certainly love a new Kenzo or two, and I know SOMEBODY who will love a good Avon!

      • Zealot Crusader | 4th August 2018 02:49

        Problem is, they never brought the original Avon Life by Kenzo Takada over here to the states, because as I've mentioned, the new majority stock owners feel the country that birthed the company has forsaken it market-wise, so all we get is a spin-off LLC that keeps making Black Suede flankers and other legacy products. You'd have to shop Bonanza or eBay to find an Avon representative that ships from the UK (or wherever) to even get anything newer than 2014 here.

      • hednic | 4th August 2018 03:21

        I would be interested in seeing what comes from this.

      • Zealot Crusader | 4th August 2018 06:34

        Kinda makes sense. Designers gradually became more accessible and niche filled the void of designers as wealth separation in the US grew, so Avon didn't have enough market here. Anyone cheap enough to still want it (who wasn't a long-groomed fan like me) would just the same buy a plastic body spray. Now that we've turned our nose up to Avon enough to make them headquarter overseas, they turn their nose up to us when new product comes out.

      • Zealot Crusader | 4th August 2018 07:30

        And Americans are more comfortable texting their dates from across the table at a restaurant than speaking, plus have active shooters and home invasions to consider in 2018, so why would they answer the door for a stranger saying "Avon calling"? Hahahaha

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 4th August 2018 07:47

        I remember the Avon Lady and the Fuller Brush Man. We just said "Come in!" because the door was unlocked.

      • Zealot Crusader | 4th August 2018 07:55

        I tell the Jehovah's Witnesses that they can come in but they have to leave the bibles outside. Usually keeps them from coming back.

        I might check out the Kenzo line from Avon. FleeceBay has it

      • FragranceForce | 8th August 2018 00:05

        Kenzo and Avon is a really good match. I always thought Jo Malone and Avon would also be a good match especially seeing how a lot of her fragrances are unisex and Avon sells both men and women's fragrances.