On Clara Bow's Birthday, Floris Pay Tribute to the 1920s

29th July, 2018

Clara Bow
Today marks the birthday of silent screen siren Clara Bow - who shot to fame in the 1927 film 'It' (no, not the one about that clown) which allegedly coined the term 'it girl', which Bow certainly was. Although we can't be certain which fragrances she wore, we imagine it was as bold and unabashed as the rest of her. Seriously, who doesn't love fragrances from or inspired by the 1920s? With unapologetic hedonism and unbridled glamour at the forefront, you could argue that it was a decade when scents were scents: rich oriental numbers and future classics (hello 'Shalimar') - perfect to spritz on to a fur stole, intermingled with tobacco and bathtub gin. But aside from all the champagne-fuelled soirees and diamonds, the '20s saw the dawn of several important cultural movements, especially when it came to how women dressed and the dawn of gender-fluidity.

To pay homage to this iconic decade, Floris enlisted journalist and former editor-in-chief of British Vogue Alexandra Schulman and fashion historian Amber Butchart who took part in a live discussion at the Floris boutique on 89 Jermyn Street. The ladies' expertise was enlisted to celebrate Floris's new scent '1927'. Rather than mimic the bolshy, blousy scents of the time, the Floris team went for a contemporary angle, resulting in a sprightly citrus, underscored with a satisfying floral kick that won't disappoint today's hedonist crowd. Watch the video below... 


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      • hednic | 3rd August 2018 15:59

        This sounds like something my elder daughter would enjoy.

      • cacio | 3rd August 2018 16:07

        Somehow not impressed... They recognize the fact that the 20s were an era of bold perfumes, then go on to say that they celebrate it by producing a citrus floral. (Also, in terms of using dead celebrities, they need some learning to catch up with Creed).

        As a reminder, in addition to the Emeraude/Shalimar duo, the 20s were the era of Tabac Blond (1919), and several Cuir de Russie.