Bulgari adds Wood Essence to Bulgari Man line

14th August, 2018

Bulgari Man Wood Essence
Alberto Morillas has created the latest masculine fragrance for Bulgari: Bulgari Man Wood Essence.

Bulgari Man Wood Essence contains notes of citrus and coriander in the top; heart notes include cypress and vetiver; and benzoin, cedarwood and ambergris feature in the base notes.

The company say:

Artfully blended, the Eau de Parfum is built like a tree:  Its colourful top notes dance like leaves and branches in the wind, its earthy middle notes embody the strength of a tree trunk, and its robust bottom notes anchor the scent as well as any roots. Combined, the electrifying fragrance puts the boundless strength of nature at the Bulgari man’s fingertips.

The advertising campaign is directed by fashion photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton, and features, model and actor Nick Bateman.

Bulgari Man Wood Essence is available now as 60ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum.

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      • hednic | 14th August 2018 16:23

        Haven't see this out by me yet.

      • Funwithfrags | 14th August 2018 21:11

        Saw it at the airport recently, sprayed it on, reviewed it already. I liked it. It's almost like a bit of every bit of tree component that has contributed to perfumery.

      • ScentBound | 8th September 2018 14:17

        Recently I smelled this one at the department store. Despite my attempts to escape the rep cheerfully spraying smell strips, I fell right into her arms.

        Nevermind. The fragrance itself is unimpressive. Your typical woody-amber affair for the man who doesn't care.

      • Roky | 11th September 2018 07:25

        One of the biggest let-downs in my almost 20 years of passion for fragrances.