Mugler relaunches Cologne and creates new Cologne Collection

15th August, 2018

The original promo for Cologne (2001)
Mugler are relaunching its classic Cologne fragrance, and have created a new collection of colognes to join it.

Cologne was first launched in 2001 and was inspired by the scent of a fresh scent of a soap from Mugler's childhood. Created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, the scent contained a mystery “S” note. The mystery note feature is continued in the new line.

The relaunched Cologne is said to be the same fragrance and is now called Come Together.

The company describe the range as “More than a perfume collection: a rallying cry for pop lovers, mold-breakers, pleasure-seekers, risk-takers.“

Come Together

The other fragrances in the Mugler Cologne collection are as follows:

Take me Out

Take Me Out

Take Me Out is described as an intense Cologne that blends the brightness of an orange blossom with the freshness of a shiso leaf. “Luminous and sparkling, Take Me Out is twisted by the secret “P” note to release a surging energy that bathes you in light.”

Fly Away

Fly Away

Fly Away is an described as an intense Cologne that blends a sparkling yellow grapefruit with aromatic hemp. “Lively then captivating, Fly Away is twisted by the secret “C” note to heighten the senses to a high effervescence.”

Love you All

Love You All

Love you all blends velvety licorice with white amber. “A warm, sensual trail mingled with a mysterious breath of freshness. Twisted by the secret "E" note, Love You All transports you in a thrilling and ecstatic abundance.”

Run Free

Run Free

Run Free mixes purple ginger and Akigalawood. “An innovative and bold olfactory composition. Twisted by the secret "D" note, Run Free unleashes an electric desire for freedom and the infinite.”


The collection is available from 1st September exclusive to Nordstrom and, and will have an international roll-out in 2019.


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      • Kaern | 15th August 2018 13:09

        seems daft to rename the original

        My tip is to stock up on the 'Cologne' version

      • hednic | 15th August 2018 16:05

        I think they will become popular with a segment of the fragrance community.

      • cacio | 15th August 2018 17:28

        Apart from the silly PCED or whatever notes, it sounds like some could be good additions to a summer fresh lineup.


      • miss mills | 15th August 2018 19:04

        Despite the drug/party references which seem a bit dated yet guaranteed to appeal to a certain demographic, I'm keen to try them all, just cos.

      • Beck | 16th August 2018 03:28

        Now the original ad should be changed to a Medusa ET.

      • edshepp | 17th August 2018 12:08

        Love Mugler's design aesthetic.

      • Hazel5 | 21st August 2018 04:44

        Any guesses on what the secret notes are?

      • Ghost_Goat | 24th August 2018 09:03

        Even for a brand that tries (and in some instances, succeeds) at spinning entire mythologies based upon whatever random phrase popped into their heads that moment, these names are particularly inane.

      • bocraw | 5th September 2018 16:45

        I am an Irish Spring soap user, and have been complimented on my smell many many times. So I was interested in the original Mugler. Now I am interested in Come Together but am a little concerned the new formula is more feminine.

      • hednic | 5th September 2018 16:59

        Don't worry. It will be just fine. Still in the middle IMO.

      • Zgb | 13th September 2018 13:09

        Well, maybe this launch is an explanation why there's no A*Men flanker this year...

      • Kaern | 13th September 2018 13:16

        Yes -- thirteen isn't enough