Caron up for sale by AlÚs Groupe

10th September, 2018

French fragrance house Caron is reportedly up for sale by its current owners Alès Groupe. Caron, founded by Ernest Daltroff in 1904 and known for fragrances such as Pour Un Homme and Tabac Blonde was originally acquired by Alès Groupe in 1988.

Alès have entered into exclusive negotiations to sell to Benjamin and Ariana de Rothchild’s holding company, Cattleya Finance.

Alès are looking to concentrate on their hair and cosmetics brands such as Phyto.

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      • hednic | 10th September 2018 12:11

        Hope the new owners will do well by it.

      • cacio | 10th September 2018 16:31

        There has been some talk about this in the past. Given the recent status of their (feminine) perfumes, not much of a loss I'd say.

      • Tristan45 | 11th September 2018 17:35

        I'd be prepared to pay more for fragrances from Caron if only they'd undo the years of mismanagement and bad reformulations. That means sorting out distribution, so their products don't keep appearing on the internet heavily discounted. They need two basic lines, a line of classics, put back as far as possible to what they were, not some of the awful versions that are currently there. That will need investment in a decent nose and a return to the best ingredients. They can dish them up in the fountains if they want, as part of the exclusivity schtick. Then they need a vision for the future, where they continue to pitch themselves as the innovative house that they have been in the past, a much classier version of the rather blousy Guerlain. Given that there is private Rothschild money now behind them and they haven't been swallowed up by a LMVH, Coty, Estee Lauder conglomerate type, then there is some hope I guess.

      • furrypine | 12th September 2018 07:08

        I love the old Carons but I think they need to become more like Guerlain and make modern fruity-florals to bring in new customers. Hopefully, that will set off the loss that producing the urn fragrances probably cause.

        I see that they have recently repackaged most of their fragrances into much more appealing bottles than the ugly square ones, so they are doing something right.

      • Basteri | 14th September 2018 06:41

        Caron will be one brand that I would like buying. I see so much potential under the right art director. They only need plenty marketing and new bottles.

      • thediamondsea | 19th September 2018 16:56

        I'm glad to see this happening, because Ales has not been good for Caron--aside from packaging and quality issues, their distribution is a mess. I just read that Caron's sales are down almost 20% from last year. When I see that retailers have no stock and discounters have plenty, that tells me that the supplier isn't making their shipments, and they're losing shelf space to brands who can make prompt and consistent deliveries. It has been at least a year since I saw any Tabac Blond extrait at Luckyscent, which I think is the only place (or one of the very few) in the US that's authorized to sell it. No wonder they're losing money, since one of the iconic products that everyone wants is the product nobody can get. And for some weird reason, they stopped selling in the Middle East, which also explains a lot; isn't that where much of the serious perfume money is now? Caron's brand website is also a cluster (although Guerlain's isn't much better). It's pretty typical French luxury web marketing, with a lot of Flash animation and nice photos, but it's hard to navigate and it's not really a sales portal--or even a means of finding out where to buy their products.

        Does anyone know if the Rothschilds have any history with perfume houses or beauty brands? I can't find a shred of info about Cattleya online anywhere (which isn't surprising since it's private and Rothschild and etc.). I'm cautiously optimistic they'll do right by it, and I'm glad the Rothschilds made a play Caron before LVMH or someone swooped in and bought it for pennies on the Euro and further drained it of all its identity.

        Fingers crossed this turns out well. Looks like they'll be changing hands in Q4 unless something goes wrong. Here's an update on the sale.