Want to smell like a new car? Demeter have you covered!

10th September, 2018

If you've ever experienced the smell of a new car, and while breathing in that weird fabricky, plasticky, chemical aroma, thought to yourself “I really want to smell like that!”, then the new fragrance by Demeter will drive you wild!

The company say:

Our associations with scent are not instinctual, but learned - and as Americans, we love nothing more than a new car, and by reference, the smell of a New Car. We used that unique and unusual combination of new plastics, vinyl and fabrics to create a light and wearable fragrance experience, reminiscent of the first time you sat in that new car you love so much. Experience that feeling again and again, anytime, anywhere, with New Car from Demeter Fragrance Library.

Like all Demeter products, the fragrance is available in a variety of products including as well as cologne, including Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Massage & Body Oil (!)

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      • hednic | 10th September 2018 12:11

        I think you can find any smell from this house!

      • Abbiss | 10th September 2018 20:38

        But then, doesn't every Demeter fragrance end up smelling like this?

      • techt | 10th September 2018 22:08

        I'll spray my car interior with it!

      • teardrop | 10th September 2018 22:42

        The smell of a new car makes me feel ill, so no thanks!