Pierre Guillaume's newest fragrance, Mécanique du Désir, is an ode to 'dirty engine grease'

14th September, 2018

Pierre Guillaume was at Pitti showcasing fragrances from his Parfumerie Generale line, the Pierre Guillaume Collection Croisière, and Collection Noire lines.

The Collection Noire is the new name for Huitième Art, which debuted in 2010. It features all the fragrances from the range, including Superlady (magnolia blossom, candy apple, white amber) which was launched in 2017.

The newest addition to the range is Mécanique du Désir, which has been inspired by Guillame’s love of classic cars, and marks the end of Guillaume’s ‘green period’.

Guillaume says, ”As a classic car collector, my father taught me the beauty of vintage engines as a teenager, while I watched him restore his Austin Healey, Jaguars and Mercedes. We spent long winter Sundays in his shop, sinking our hands into the entrails of his sculptures on wheels.

The smell of dirty engine grease has always both attracted and repelled me. Though is was associated with happy moment in my life, this ‘engine sweat’, with its pungent smells of tar, petrol and oil was also disturbing

Many years later, as I was reading Jacques Lacarrière’s book Ce bel et vivace aujourd’hui, I finally understood the hidden poetry of this ‘black mucus’ and decided to use it as a theme for my work.”

Mécanique du Désir features top notes of aldehydes, mandarin and cassis, for its sulphuric notes; violet leaf and guaiac wood make up the heart of the fragrance; and amber and animalic musks feature in the base notes.

Also on show was Jasmagonda, the latest fragrance in Guillaume’s Parfumerie Generale collection, which features top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and apple; heart notes include aquatic note, magnolia blossom and indian jasmine himalayan cedar wood; and the base contains vanilla, tonka bean and vetiver.

Jasmagonda is a journey above a forest, the story of a verdant, variegated India seen from the sky.


Jasmagonda is available now. Mécanique du Désir is available from November 2018.




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    • hednic | 14th September 2018 22:29

      A sure blind buy for me as soon as it's released on his website.

    • Palmolive | 15th September 2018 15:33

      Yes please! Sounds very interesting.

    • Grant | 16th September 2018 08:49

      @Wild Gardener

      Violet lead sounds like it would be interesting, sadly its just a typo for Violet Leaf (!) -- I've fixed it now :)

    • JON RODGERS | 16th September 2018 11:02

      Sounds absolutely bloody vile. Sulphuric notes ?. I'll pass, thanks.

    • Suspended | 16th September 2018 12:47

      What? You don't fancy smelling like an egg? Why ever not?