BeauFort London to launch gin fragrance, and its own brand of gin

15th September, 2018

BeauFort London were in high spirits at Pitti, not only are they showing their upcoming gin-based scent, Rake & Ruin, but the brand are also moving into a new industry, spirits.

Leo Crabtree, founder of the brand told us that the perfume and alcohol industry share a lot of commonalities — both involve distillation, flavours and fragrances, and even the companies that provide the packaging and alcohol are the same.

BeauFort’s “Gunpowder Proof” Gin is 57% ABV – a type of gin known as Navy Strength – the traditional strength demanded by the British Royal Navy. Gin and Gunpowder were often stored in the same parts of the vessel, and should the gin ever leak onto the gunpowder, the strength was as such that it would evaporate, leaving the gunpowder still usable.

BeauFort’s upcoming fragrance is Rake & Ruin, and is a woody-smoky, gin-based eau de parfum.

Crabtree is also working on a Spiced Rum, and cocktail-strength gin.

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    • hednic | 15th September 2018 16:04

      Would love to try this one.