Régime des Fleurs show Personal/Space Oahu collection at Pitti

15th September, 2018

Los Angeles-based Régime des Fleurs are showing their new Personal/Space Oahu collection at Pitti. The collection is designed so that they can be used on skin and as room fragrance.

The scent of one of the fragrances, Waves, is currently being used as part of fashion designer Eckhaus Latta’s exhibition at Manhattan's Whitney Museum of American Art.

The range is as follows:


Shells notes include li hing, liliko’i, teak resin, macadamia seed, sandalwood and vanilla oleoresin.


Notes for Falls include tropical spices, hapu’u tree ferns, rushing water, green mist, wet jungle moss, monkeypod bark and manoa red clay.


Notes include healing herbs, overripe citrus, indigenous fig, stephanotis leaf, ambrette seed and forest musks are the notes of Vines.


Waves ‘ notes include crushed herbs and beachside buds, ti leaf, saltwater, ocean froth, lava rock, sea minerals and mango wood.


Notes for Leis include butterfly ginger lily, pua kini kini, frangipani, tuberose, jasmine sambac, black salt and ambergris.

For $25 you can buy a 'Personal/Space Sampling Flight' which contains sample vials of each fragrance, and you also receive $25 credit towards a full bottle of any of the fragrances, which retail at $125 for 100ml.

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