Unum launches Hannibal Lecter inspired scent at Pitti

16th September, 2018

Filippo Sorcinelli’s Unum’s latest fragrance is _but not today_, the fragrance is inspired by the Ridley Scott film Hannibal.

They say:

Inspired by Ridley Scott’ film Hannibal, shot mostly in Florence, it is synaesthetically focused on the moment in which Hannibal Lecter addresses a question to Clarice: “Would you say to me: stop, if you love me stop?”

It is a constant search of each other, in two different ways, in two different worlds.

Each of them reveals their love in forms that try to tessellate: one brings together the past, the present, the future the other one is unaware and does not realize that her way of looking for the other means to love him.

The name itself comes from a line from Silence of the Lambs.

In the scene where FBI Agent, Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) first meets Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) he says to her “You use Evian skin cream, and sometimes you wear L'Air du Temps … but not today.”

Filippo Sorcinelli were also showing scents from the new Extrait de Musique collection.

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    • hednic | 17th September 2018 12:24

      Would love to try this one.

    • Vmaster | 20th September 2018 22:36

      My fisrt thought was "Fava beans and a nice Chianti?".