Bravanariz: new natural perfume line from Spain (news from Pitti)

17th September, 2018

Bravanariz (which translates as Brave Nose) were showing their natural perfume collection in Pitti. Each fragrance is inspired by the different landscapes in the Empordà region of Catalonia, and the raw materials from the scents are all sustainably sourced from the same area.


Bosc is Catalonian for 'forest', and this fragrance is inspired by the dead beech leaves, junipers, oak moss and ferns, that are found in the forests of the area. Notes include oak moss, juniper, Rosmarine, Pine tree, Sweet orange and Mastic.


Muga is named after the river that crosses the Alt Empordà's plain, connecting the mountains and the sea. Notes include rosemary, lavender, immortelle, thyme, chamomile, cypress and rock rose.


Cala is inspired by the coves of Costa Brava. Notes include fennel, samphire, cypress, pine tree, rosemary, rock rose, sage and mint.


Camí distils the explosion of spring in the matorral shrublands of the Alt Empordà, since it was harvested on April 23 and 24, at the point of maximum bloom and pollinating activity. Notes include rosemary, lavender, immortelle, rock rose, thyme and wild sage.

More information about Bravanariz can be found on their website

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    • hednic | 17th September 2018 12:23

      This sounds interesting.

    • Oviatt | 28th October 2018 21:00

      I am very intrigued by Bosc.