Sedona Sweet Grass launched by Providence Perfume Co: Inspired by the red rocks of Sedona

20th September, 2018

Sedona Sweet Grass
Sedona Sweet Grass is the latest fragrance by Providence Perfume Co., and was inspired by the red rocks of Sedona. The perfumer is Charna Ethier.

Notes include piñon pine, vetiver, sweet grass, sage, incense, grass, mezcal, campfire and dry wood.


The company say:

Our perfumer, Charna has been working on this scent for over a year now, and it was worth the wait! We often "soft launch" new scents in our brick and mortar store before making them available online as a way of gauging interest and obtaining pre-launch feedback. Sedona Sweetgrass is our most successful soft launch to date! In fact, we sold so many bottles of Sedona Sweetgrass in the past few weeks we had to delay the launch to make sure we had enough fragrance bottled to fulfill orders.

Sedona Sweet Grass is available now from the Providence Perfume Co website.

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      • hednic | 20th September 2018 12:19

        This one sounds interesting.

      • Starblind | 23rd September 2018 17:42

        Would love to sample this one.

      • the_good_life | 25th September 2018 15:17

        It's very good. Tried it when I was there in August.

      • Oviatt | 25th September 2018 16:15

        Sedona is one place special enough to inspire a fragrance. I will have to try this one.