Santal Nabataea added to Mona di Orio Monogram collection

20th September, 2018

Perfumer Fredrik Dalman has created Santal Nabataea, the latest fragrance in Mona di Orio's Monogram Collection. The fragrance is inspired by the ancient kingdom of Nabataea and their capital Petra." An olfactory journey inspired by the colors and textures of this city carved in stone"

Santal Nabataea
Notes include black pepper, blackcurrant leaf, dried apricot, oleander, opoponax, sandstone, australian sandalwood, indian sandalwood and coffee

Creative Director, Jeroen Oude Sogtoen says "Santal Nabataea translates our view on the ever-changing “Niche” market. By using our uncompromising quality as a tool, we were able to tell this new story about Sandalwood in an original yet comprehensive way."

Perfumer Dalman adds:

My love for the city of Petra comes through my affection for the romanticism of the antique world. The more you learn about societies like the one that was thriving in Petra, you’ll realise that it was a society that was perhaps not so different from the one we live in today. Let me rephrase that: A different reality, but nevertheless a reality with very similar goals to the ones we’re striving to reach today. Love, family, art, innovation, enlightenment, wealth, power! These values are present today as much as they were before. Being able to understand this makes it much easier to travel in time and to place yourself there.

Choosing Petra as the setting for this fragrance felt very natural to me. Drawing inspiration from the environment itself. The warm sandstone being coloured in a kaleidoscope of terracotta-like nuances as it basks in the sun.

The vast trading network played an essential role in the wealth of this city - caravans traveling through with exotic goods such as sandalwood, opoponax, and spices. The fascinating flora, masses of oleander trees sprung from the dry ground with flowers spreading a thin veil of luscious apricots. A setting well worthy of a fragrance we thought.

Santal Nabataea is available as 50ml and 75ml Eau de Parfum.

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      • hednic | 21st September 2018 16:51

        Bought this from abroad and really like it.