Chanel add toiletries to Eaux de Chanel range

by Judith Brockless, 08th October, 2018

Chanel have followed up their new Eaux de Chanel, with a set of foaming shower gels and body lotions, which can be layered with the eaux de toilette for a more intense scent.

Paris-Deauville ‘A vivacious and elegant fragrance with all the energy of orange peel and aromatic basil leaf.’

Paris-Biarritz ‘A bracing scent with dynamic top notes of mandarin enhanced by a lily-of-the-valley accord that renders the fragrance more radiant.’

Paris-Venise ‘An oriental fragrance between freshness and sensuality with a blend of neroli and a touch of amber and vanilla.’

The shower gels are priced at £38.00 for 200ml, and body lotions at £44.00 for 200ml.


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      • hednic | 9th October 2018 16:28

        If I were to layer a scent, this is most likely how I would do it.

      • cacio | 28th October 2018 19:56

        I smelled them at the duty free this weekend. The eau themselves are quite on the light side. These functional products are very polite and very very light. I'm usually a sucker for body products but these ones are not worth it. Unlike the body products for other regulars of the Chanel lineup, like the no 5. (Also, sadly, it appears that Chanel has discontinued the excellent bath products for Egoiste and Antaeus).


      • Cylob | 5th November 2018 17:11

        The Egoiste shower gel was amazing yeah!

        My bottle was at least 15 years old when I finished it last year, but it still smelled gorgeous.

        It had the vintage Egoiste vibe, much more then the current EdP has (which I still love though).