New Additions to Penhaligon's Anthology

by Sandra Rose, 10th March, 2010

Following the 2009 launch of the first four fragrances in their Anthology collection, Penhaligonís are set to release the next two fragrances from the collection on the 29th March. The two fragrances they have selected to revive from their vast archives are the classic citrus Eau de Cologne originally created in 1927, and the luminous Orange Blossom, created in 1976.

The formulation of the 1927 Eau de Cologne remains unchanged, offering a unique insight into the fragrance tastes and trends of the period. It is a classic citrus with subtle notes of orange and rosemary.

The Orange Blossom has been created by master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, inspired by the 1976 original scent. It has been transformed into a honeyed floral, complimented by notes of Calabrian orange, bergamot, Virginian cedar, rose and peach water.

The two fragrances will be priced £95 for 100ml. Another six fragrances will be added to the anthology, two later this year, and four in 2011.

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    • odysseusm | 10th March 2010 18:40

      This is terrific news. Bravo to Penhaligons for reviving these classic scents. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the magnificent Esprit de Lavande.

    • Primrose | 10th March 2010 22:16

      Ah, oft forgotten scent and only associated with old men and women. :rolleyesold: We need more lavender notes in scents these days...

      I do hope they keep in the spirit of the 19th century origins in these scents. Far too often, the current formulations really stray from the originals.

    • bokaba | 10th March 2010 23:38

      This looks great! These are being released on March 29, 2010?

    • jrd4t | 11th March 2010 02:10

      Looking forward to it! Glad to hear something that old got missed by all the retarded regulations. :)

    • oakman | 11th March 2010 02:20

      Great news , I used to have the Eau de Cologne and loved it !! Just wish they would drop the price a bit , they cost more than the Chanel Les Exclusifs range !!

    • hirch_duckfinder | 11th March 2010 11:04

      As a Eau de Cologne lover, I have to say - £95????!!!! :shocked::shocked::shocked:. No chance.

    • odysseusm | 11th March 2010 13:09

      I wrote Penhaligons, but alas, no current plans to revive Esprit de Lavande. I wonder what they will release.

    • Primrose | 11th March 2010 14:07

      Yes, you *are* right. These are expensive, perhaps with the notion of promoting them as "exclusives" and the implied value of classics.

      OdyM, it is sad about the lavender, as this note is a real staple to classic, bygone fragrances. When I think of classic scents, I think of orange blossom, violets...and lavender.

    • the_good_life | 11th March 2010 14:17

      Well, Villoresi's is nearly as expensive. Of course I have my doubts as to whether Penhaligon's will be more than a synthed-up revamp of the 1927 scent. Will definitely check it out, though.

    • yearofperfume | 18th March 2010 08:18

      I was lucky enough to smell both the Eau de Cologne and the Orange Blossom last week. The Cologne is absolutely gorgeous, really sharp and delicious. By contrast the Orange Blossom is incredibly soft, a whisper of a scent. It would be rubbish with my skin chemistry, which eats up citrus, but it is beautifully ethereal.

    • odysseusm | 28th April 2010 19:35

      Update -- I also contacted Penhaligons about my other favorite discontinued scent, Eau Sans Pareil which is a marvelous green mossy scent. Alas, there are no short-term plans to bring that back into production.