Ferragamo launch Tuscan Creations

by Judith Brockless, 27th November, 2018

Salvatore Ferragamo aim to capture the essence of Tuscany and the Ferragamo brand with their latest collection of eleven eau de parfums, which replace their previous ‘Tuscan Soul’ and 'Tuscan Scent' collections. 

Based in Florence, Ferragamo is intimately linked with the region.  Seven perfumers have contributed to the vibrantly-coloured fragrances, which celebrate Tuscany’s history, art and culture; its land and its people. 

The brand’s visionary creativity has always been fuelled by the riches of Florence and its surroundings.  Now Tuscan Creations celebrate this story of emotions and this deep intimate bond in olfactive chapters.

The eleven fragrances are: Bianco di CarraraCalimalaConvivioLa CommediaLa CortePunta AlaRinascimentoTerra RossaTesta di MoroVendemmia and Viola Essenziale.  

Terra Rossa (created by Domitille Bertier) - along with Punta Ala, Vendemmia and Viola Essenziale - takes its inspiration from the natural world.  Notes which evoke the sun-burnt Tuscan soil include bitter orange, cypress, patchouli and amber.  

Calimala (by Fabrice Pellegrin) references Florentine history and culture - as do Rinascimento, La Corte, La Commedia, Testa di Moro and Bianco di Carrara.  The Via Calimala was home to Florentine wool merchants - and gave its name to the merchants’ guild ‘L’Arte dei Mercanti di Calimala’.  This ‘window into far off promised lands’ is recreated with roses, orange blossom, cardamom, vanilla and suede.  

Lastly, Convivio (again by Fabrice Pellegrin) uses citrus notes, carrot seed, cypress, jasmine and frankincense to express the conviviality of the Tuscan lifestyle. 

The Tuscan Creations are available  exclusively at Harrods, at £195 for 100ml.


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      • Kaern | 27th November 2018 14:19

        I'm interested in Terra Rossa -- by the same perfumer of Just Cavalli For Him which I like

      • Diamondflame | 28th November 2018 05:05

        A Harrod’s exclusive? Not even available at Ferragamo’s Florence flagship store??

      • cacio | 28th November 2018 05:22

        Some of them seem to be the same of the previous Tuscan scent collection (which were available at most Ferragamo stores). I remember smelling:

        Terra rossa (=red earth), which was sort of spicy earthy, as per name

        Convivio (greenish, nice but not enough to buy)

        Vendemmia is a sweetish grape, a bit like the Caudalie body spray

        Punta Ala: acquaticky

        The (better) Tuscan souls seem to have been axed, unless they have just been renamed. I own Tuscan incense, which is nice and dry.

      • hednic | 29th November 2018 12:41

        Would be interested in trying a few of these.