Swedish Supermarket launch scent of Sour Milk to help combat food waste.

11th December, 2018

Old Milk
Swedish supermarket chain, Coop, have launched a fragrance to help combat food waste. The fragrance, called Old Milk, has the scent of sour milk.

The company say:

Today we waste tons of food that have passed its best before date, before smelling or tasting it first. To help you reduce your household food waste, we at Coop, have created Old Milk – a fragrance that smells just like milk after it’s ‘gone bad’. Because, until it smells like this, it’s perfectly fine to drink.

The fragrance was developed with headspace technology, documenting the results of milk which had been left to sour for varying amounts of time. After getting the results from the headspace analysis, the perfumers developed a scent pallet from various ingredients, "with the purpose to recreate the smell of the sour milk we had in the fridge, as precise as possible."

You can order a sample of the fragrance from the company website.

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      • Kaern | 11th December 2018 14:30

        what about when the milk smells fine but it immediately separates when added to tea or coffee?

        I drink it -- it hasn't made me feel sick yet

      • hednic | 11th December 2018 14:57

        Don't think that would be an appealing smell.

      • cacio | 11th December 2018 17:01

        I am not clear on the logic linking such a perfume and not tossing away milk. But who knows.

        In any case, it's not totally new. Hershey chocolate was done with sour milk and still preserves the aroma (a reason why Europeans are not really fond of the brand).

      • cacio | 11th December 2018 19:00

        Thanks for the link on sour milk uses, very interesting. I remember my father doing ricotta when the milk was off.

        Unfortunately, most of the milk here is heavily pasteurized.


      • numberz | 17th December 2018 19:48

        What about the second before it smells like that? :) Also, is green bread still good to eat, the second before it turns green?

      • dukeofmadison | 11th February 2019 19:56

        I totally get the idea of people loving scents that smell border line bulgar and dirty skin scents.. but rancid dairy is really pushing the limit.

      • Cook.bot | 12th February 2019 02:20

        Won't hurt you one bit. Might not taste the best ever, though.

        All worthy ideas! Never throw out sour milk if you're a cook -- it's great for making biscuits and scones.

      • Cook.bot | 12th February 2019 02:23

        They didn't create it to be appealing. They created it to provide a baseline for when your milk is actually rancid, so you don't throw out milk unnecessarily.