Basenotes and Fragrance Foundation UK to collaborate on Niche Fifi award

by Danielle Cooper, 10th March, 2010

For a decade Basenotes has provided a forum in which people can discuss and evaluate niche perfumery. It has become increasingly clear that people respond with excitement and enthusiasm to the creativity and artistry that is demonstrated in this area of the industry. The passionate individuals, partnerships and smaller companies that lead the way in niche are compelling artists who bring innovation and open up new debates in this fascinating field.

Now the UK Fifi's is poised to acknowledge the incredible contribution that niche perfumers make to the industry with an award designed to recognise these independent artists.

The Fragrance Foundation UK has asked to partner with them in the development of an award to honour independent perfumers. Everyone at Basenotes HQ is incredibly excited to be able to offer recognition to these important, boundary breaking artists.

The rise of niche perfumery and the rise of Basenotes have both been driven by an evermore demanding and sophisticated consumer and this award will also have consumer opinion at its heart. Basenotes is delighted that it will be readers of the site who will choose the shortlist and ultimately the winner of this momentous new award.

If you are a niche perfumer or company who had a 2009 release and you have a physical presence in the UK then please contact us as soon as possible for details of how to enter.

If you are a passionate consumer and you want to recognise those that have made the industry more interesting for you in 2009 then watch this space as voting details will be coming soon.

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    • Dr_Rudi | 14th March 2010 22:49

      Kudos to Danielle and Grant - I think this is a real honour for you both. Well done.

    • Mimi Gardenia | 14th March 2010 22:54

      That's good news Daneille and Grant. Basenotes - onwards and upwards - hard work pays off. Good job ! :)