Fleur de Point - new French line inspired by stories and poetry

by Judith Brockless, 22nd January, 2019

Created in 2017, Fleur de Point is a new French niche house, started by Marie Clapisson, a self-taught perfumer with a love of writing.

Often inspired by animals and nature, Marie uses her own stories and poetry as the starting point for her fragrances, which she hopes will create a multi-sensory experience rather than an olfactory one alone. Marie says: “Each work starts with a text that tells the story of an instant of life, of a vision of nature, or simply of the world around us. Each story is therefore reinterpreted through olfaction to become a perfume.”

To enhance the experience further, Marie’s website features ‘mood boards’ of images, and links which invite us to listen to music - from Bach to Barry White. “I wanted to bring a secondary dimension to the texts, by giving them the opportunity to endure after the reading,” says Marie, “I also wanted the olfactory creations to have a real story. The person smelling and reading is immersed in the work and the experience is thus more intense.”

Initially producing two collections, Marie formally launched three perfumes in 2018: Au Pink Flamingo, Licorne Maudite and Python Sauvage.

Licorne Maudite, which features notes of blood orange, nutmeg, lavender, elemi, labdanum and amber, was inspired by the poem below:

Licorne Maudite (Cursed Unicorn)

D’un coup, toute la forêt s’est assombrie,

Les oiseaux se sont envolés sans un bruit.

Le rythme des sabots résonnait au loin,

Faisant peser l’inquiétude sur chacun.

Sa crinière blanche scintillait d’argent.

Sa corne torsadée pointait le firmament.

Elle avançait guidée par la douce odeur

De cette jeune fille cueillant des fleurs.

Dans l’humus, brillaient les symboles mystiques,

Frappés à chaque pas par cet animal magique,

Que tous redoutaient autant qu’ils l’admiraient,

Sans comprendre la peur qui les paralysait.

Eblouie par un halo d’or, elle releva la tête,

Croisant alors le regard intense de la bête,

Où s’animait le feu d’une sombre tempête,

Et d’un éclair la changea en simple statuette.

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