Gucci launch The Alchemist's Garden collection

by Judith Brockless, 29th January, 2019

Gucci has launched a new range of scents, The Alchemist’s Garden - a collection of fourteen eaux de parfum, scented waters and perfumed oils, along with scented candles. The fragrances are designed to be layered and the bottles are made of lacquered glass, designed to resemble antique porcelain apothecary bottles.

Gucci’s first Haute Perfumery line, The Alchemist’s Garden, unfolds within an imagined laboratory filled with curious jars and mesmerizing scents. Blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas under Alessandro Michele’s creative direction, the customizable collection made up of eaux de parfum, perfumed oils and acque profumate (“scented waters”) is inspired by the art of alchemy and fragrance-making, formulated to be layered and blended together to create a unique, personalized fragrance combination. Built around a hero ingredient linked to the distinctive codes of the House, each scent can be magnified, muted or fused with other fragrances from the luxury collection to create a one-of-a-kind sillage.

The seven eaux de parfum are: A Song for the Rose (rose), The Voice of the Snake (oud), The Eyes of the Tiger (amber), The Virgin Violet (violet), Winter’s Spring (mimosa), The Last Day of Summer (woods) and Tears of Iris (iris).

To layer with these there are three acque profumate: A Winter Melody (cypress), Moonlight Serenade (lavender) and Fading Autumn (woods). These bottles are decorated with the Gucci rose motif.

The fragrance collection is completed by four perfume oils: Ode on Melancholy (woods), A Kiss from Violet (violet), A Nocturnal Whisper (oud) and A Forgotten Rose (rose).

The eaux de parfum are $330 / £240 for 100ml, the acque profumate are $250 / £180 for 150ml, and the perfume oils $410 / £295 for 20ml.

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