River Avon inspired latest Floris 'By Request' fragrance: River Dawn

20th February, 2019

Floris has introduced River Dawn, its latest addition to the annual ‘By Request’ series.

Created by the in-house perfumery team at 89 Jermyn Street, the Eau de Parfum has been hand-poured with only 200 hand-signed bottles released.

The Floris perfumery set out to explore the River Avon as it begins its course in the stunning Cotswolds and as various tributaries merge, it meanders through Wiltshire and on its way to the sea. A sparkling fragrance opening with a radiant green floral aldehydic note balanced with a delicate trace of fruity apple blossom invoking a scene of the lively river flowing by. Early morning meadows, woods and fields that lead down to Avon’s river bank inspire the heart of the fragrance, with crisp and fresh springtime florals of hyacinth and snowdrops gently rounded with earthy notes from the addition of orris and galbanum. Base notes of sandalwood and anise enrich the senses and exaggerate the natural beauty of a river flowing towards the sea. A fragrant journey, both cool, lively and peaceful like the shimmering river meandering through the green landscapes of the English countryside.

Edward Bodenham, Perfumery Director at Floris, says: “Historically we always launch our hand poured collection in late January, when winter is setting in but nature provides a few early signs of spring, particularly on our river banks. I love this time of year and whilst working on the ‘River Dawn’ scent with our team, it became clear that I wasn’t alone.

Our rivers drive us on, provide tranquility and uplift our spirits, even in the harshest coldest winter, as the sun rises on a new day, they continue to shape our land, our geology and our industry and trade. They are a constant source of inspiration.

I recently walked along the banks of the Avon near Bradford Upon Avon. It’s a part of the world that for me encapsulates a huge amount of the beauty of our country. Interestingly our perfumer, Penny Ellis, who worked with me in creating this fragrance is a keen river swimmer and she has swam sections of the Avon during these colder months which gave her huge inspiration when composing the scent.

We wanted to reflect the vibrant yet reflective tranquility of flowing, shimmering water. How it feels to be in that raw environment. The natural beauty of the cold river bank, signs that spring is on its way as tea olives force through the cold and snow drops appear in the shade of wooded forests, never far from the water.

Most of all, we wanted to portray that emotion you feel when you rise before dawn and see these landscapes completely unspoilt, before the world awakes. The river dwellers, fishermen, swimmers, rowers and those who still earn a living, working in harmony with its flow.”

River Dawn Eau de Parfum is £180 for 100ml and is only available at 89 Jermyn Street and Florislondon.com.

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