Montblanc to launch Explorer

19th February, 2019

Montblanc has launched its latest fragrance, Explorer, The scent has been composed by a trio of Givaudan perfumers, and uses ingredients with an eye on sustainability.

The fragrance, composed by Olivier Pescheux, Antoine Maisondieu and Jordi Fernandez features top notes of bergamot, clary sage and pink pepper; vetiver, leather and cocoa feature in the heart; and the base contains patchouli, ambrofix and akigalawood.

The main ingredients come from Givaudan’s Sourcing for Shared Value program. The company has identified several ingredients essential to perfumery – such as vetiver or patchouli – and supports local producers in embracing ethical and sustainable development. This support to local communities is also reflected in educative initiatives for future generations, such as the construction of three libraries for school children in the regions of Buton and Katoi on the island of Sulawesi.

The company say:

Explorers know it well: adventure has no limits. Once you have climbed a new summit, you start thinking of the next challenge. Like an irresistible call. After Legend and Emblem, Montblanc launches a new fragrance in 2019 that pays tribute to a theme to which it is closely linked: exploration.

The name Montblanc EXPLORER was an obvious choice: the Maison has been a favourite among keen travellers for the past century, thanks to its fountain pens whose ink never leaks, whatever happens in life or travel. These forward-thinking craftspeople have cultivated a quality that is essential in the eyes of every pioneer: reliability.

Montblanc shares the same values as explorers, such as the relentless quest for excellence. Climbing summits, challenging conventions and exploring the four corners of the globe. From South Africa to Haiti, Italy, Germany or Indonesia; Montblanc EXPLORER invites explorers on a fantastic journey, giving them the opportunity to discover the rarest ingredients and manufacturing methods that combine craftsmanship with the latest technology.

To create the scent, Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux brought their own knowledge of a specific ingredient and their emotional experience, both as a nose and a traveller, to this project. Together they have created an innovative olfactory pyramid,

“I find [bergamot] particularly luminous, like a young Mediterranean boy bursting with laughter: pure and eminently elegant,” says Antoine Maisondieu, “Bergamot is also an icon of Calabria and symbolises the light of this region. We wanted to infuse Montblanc EXPLORER with this unique atmosphere, synonymous with joy, light and refinement.”

“I love the fact that it takes time to truly understand all the richness of vetiver,” explains Olivier Pescheux. “It’s not a common or easy-to-access smell. It’s authentic, raw and earthy. Vetiver is a root with strong masculine accents: the combination of complexity and roughness gives it real virility.”

“Patchouli is often at the centre of my creations, as it brings a rich and complex character to the perfume, it is the beating heart of the fragrance,” explains Jordi Fernandez. “This incredible custom-made patchouli gives a unique olfactory dimension to our palette. I used it in Montblanc EXPLORERto bring itsiconic signature to it. It enhances the leather and cocoa notes of the composition, without showing its earthy facet.”

The advertising campaign features Dutch model, Rein Langeveld and was shot by John Balsom in South Africa.

Montblanc Explorer will launch in the UK exclusive to the Perfume Shop on 27th March, with a wider launch at the end of April. The scent is available as 30ml, 60ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum. The scent is already available in mainland Europe.


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      • hednic | 21st February 2019 16:56

        Looking forward to picking this up.

      • dukeofmadison | 12th March 2019 18:04

        Actually me too. Some reviewers are comparing Explorer to a Creed Aventus type. Is Aventus the new fragrance parameter? I feel that so many new scents are being compared to Aventus. The bottle design and the fact that Montblanc has produced some pretty good scents is the driving force for me.

        I copied this review below from someone on Parfumo community:

        Aventus without smoke, but with Ambroxan... a bumpy experience.

        A little Rant: I don't understand why they at Montblanc decided on such a marketing move. Everything went really well, didn't it? Legend Spirit and Individual are, if we disregard the flacons, quite good fragrances in the designer sector. So how does Montblanc get to copy Creed Aventus? I don't get it.

        The fragrance itself is, as mentioned several times in the other comments, a kind of mixture of Aventus and Sauvage... at least in the drydown. To be fair, I have to admit that in the first 90 minutes Aventus is hardly present and the parallels only show up later. It's as if I had a more fruity version of Aventus in front of me, where Ambergris was swapped for Abroxan and the smoke was missing or the woods were shut down. Explorer starts fresh and spicy with a fat dose of Ambroxan, then after a while he moves more and more towards Aventus. Except for the fat dose of Ambroxan, which remains for a very long time.

        For me, a lot of things don't add up. Aventus is so much finer and more balanced, more transparent and complex and so beautifully LIGHTLY simple. This one's never gonna get to me in my life. It looks simply synthetic and cheap, the Ambroxan does not fit and is too present. Explorer is only worth a blind buy if the fragrance is at some point in the same price segment as Legend or Individual. I hope that I get rid of the reasonably stable value again... :-D

      • LatinNote | 12th March 2019 19:52

        Ambroxan? What exactly is that (*in my noob voice*)?