Omonde Jayne launches Elixir Collection

by Judith Brockless, 28th March, 2019

Ormonde Jayne has announced a new collection of five fragrances, inspired by ‘much loved favourites’ and introducing Cambodian oud into the mix. The five fragrances are Osmanthus Elixir, Isfarkand Elixir, Ormonde Elixir, Ta’if Elixir and Royal Elixir.

Osmanthus Elixir is based on 2003’s Osmanthus.

Faithful to the original, Osmanthus Elixir is poured at a much higher concentration, emphasizing different nuances that you may not recognise.  Osmanthus becomes bolder with vividly shining citrus colours of the brightest day.

Isfarkand Elixir is an extract strength version of Isfarkand, originally from 2005.

…a concentrated cedar bit with a citrusy charge gives this cologne tenacity and appeal….

Osmanthus Elixir and Isfarkand Elixir will be available at £195 for 50mls.

Playing with our original signature scents is playing with fire, but I am confident that fans of Ormonde Woman and Ormonde Man will adore Ormonde Elixir.

Ormonde Elixir adds a note of Cambodian oud to the hemlock and cedar of the originals. Meanwhile, Ta’if Elixir is a new interpretation of Ta’if from 2004.

The magic of the orient stays, with notes of dates, saffron and pink pepper, but the addition of Cambodian oudh elevates the rose up to a celestial quality that quickly becomes addictive.

Ormonde Elixir and Ta’if Elixir will be available at £220 for 50mls.

Lastly, there is Royal Elixir, based on Ambre Royal from 2016.

Ambre Royal has been a best seller in every part of the world and our clients have been unanimous in their overwhelming love of this sensual fragrance. Royal Elixir is left untouched, but poured at 42% strength, and has been created for our clients who have asked for an even higher concentration, rich, ravishing and even more hypnotic.

Royal Elixir will set you back £195 for 50mls.

The Elixir Collection will be available in May, exclusively from Ormonde Jayne Perfumery, Old Bond Street; online from Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and other perfumeries around the world.

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