First Sniff of The Basenotes fragrances

by Grant Osborne, 15th March, 2010

Today I had a meeting with Angela Stavrevska, who is Marketing & Trends Manager at CPL Aromas. During the meeting we worked out the next stages in The Basenotes Fragrance Project, and I got the chance to have the first sniff of the three initial fragrances that will be sent out to those members who have signed up to the sampling programme. (It's not too late to join if you want to help shape these fragrances).

I'm very excited by what the perfumers have done with the briefs, and can't wait for everyone to be able to try them. We'll be chatting again with the perfumers to find out what they think of the project so far.

For the next stage of the project we will be sending these three first fragrances to those of you signed up to the sample programme so that we can get your feedback. Your feedback will go to the perfumers who will then create the next round of fragrances based on your feedback.

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    • Sorcery of Scent | 15th March 2010 20:25

      Oh me lordy! Grant, just seeing those bottles has my heart leaping into my mouth! I can't wait to sniff them!

      Thank you for the progress report G! :thumbsup: Looking forward to more.

    • DocmanCC | 15th March 2010 20:54

      It's awesome to see Dimitri and Ruggles on those bottles. What happened to Quarry's name!? :huh: I look forward to reading the participants commentary. The dream, one step closer to reality. :thumbsup:

    • Mimi Gardenia | 15th March 2010 21:58

      It is awesome to see Dimitri, Ruggles and Quarry's Her Purse - three great Basenoters - on the bottles of the perfumes ! :)

    • Kevin Guyer | 16th March 2010 00:16

      Wow, I can't wait to smell all three of these. I'm so thrilled to part of this. I need a drink to calm down. :thumbsup:

    • Primrose | 16th March 2010 02:47

      How marvelous--to be a fan of scent--then to help create something special!

    • Asha | 16th March 2010 03:13

      Ooh, this is so exciting! I can't wait to try the first round of samples!

    • actiasluna | 16th March 2010 03:16

      Wow wow wow... I hope shipment comes quickly for the first batch!

    • Niles | 16th March 2010 03:20

      I'm looking forward with great anticipation to getting the samples!

    • nenugal | 16th March 2010 09:17

      Good to hear that it is not too late to join the sampling programme, I'm in :)

    • Grant (article author) | 16th March 2010 17:44

      Quarry's fragrance is named 'Her Purse' at the end!

    • ubuandibeme | 16th March 2010 21:58

      I'll be stalking the mail carrier until my nose is happy!

    • Scentational | 19th March 2010 19:10

      Congratulations to all people involved in this great project, it's always amazing to see a "crazy idea" becoming a reality. I would be so proud to see my name on these bottles :thumbsup:

    • timaru | 19th March 2010 21:19

      aaaaaaw, how do i participate?

      oookay, sorry, found the link^^

    • RHM | 20th March 2010 16:46


      This is so exciting.:thumbsup:

    • JDBIII | 9th December 2010 00:41

      Hate to be repetitive, but any news?

    • Grant (article author) | 9th December 2010 10:56

      I'm currently collating feedback for the CPL perfumers for round 2

    • Firemave | 11th December 2010 07:38

      Is their anyway we can still sign up for the Sampling program? Or has that ship long sailed?